Halloween Horror Nights 30 menu is hauntingly delicious

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 30 food offerings, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 30 food offerings, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

While Jack has told everyone to never go alone, the recently released Halloween Horror Nights 30 menu entices guests to grab some friends and eat their way through their fears. Whether it is quenching a thirst from all that screaming to a taste of sweet to soothe the scares, the Universal Orlando culinary team proves that food is an integral part of the Halloween Horror Night experience.

While Halloween fans have devoured every tidbit of the various haunted house announcements and scarezone reveals, the food is just as important to the overall experience to Halloween Horror Nights 30 as is all the experience. As seen in the menus, the chefs have woven the storyline into the food offerings. And, just like a great horror movie, guests are enticed to take that first bite, but might be surprised at what comes next.

For this year’s event, the many of the food offerings are based on characters and haunted houses. From Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the Haunting of Hill House, the chefs have found creative ways to push the culinary creativity. From slices of meat to vegetarian offerings, some guests might visit just for a taste of all the food choices.

What savory Halloween Horror Nights 30 menu choices are must tries?

Although it might be difficult to narrow down the over 20 different food choices, a few options definitely have everyone talking. Since Jack has made his return for this year’s event, his themed food choices top the list.

The Master of Horror might be the maestro of the kitchen. The Jack’d Donut Slider is the sweet and savory offering that might make people distracted from those frights around the corner. Nestled between two bourbon glazed donuts, the Black Angus beef patty is smothered with bacon jam and American cheese. Remember to grab a few extra napkins when eating this food item.

The Haunting of Hill House inspires the most delectable tea party fare. These tea sandwiches are far from what grandma would serve.

The Jalapeno Bacon Grilled Cheese is a twist on the classic flavors. Pressed between country loaf bread are bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers. This idea might make tea sandwiches acceptable at a tailgate.

Of course, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was going to inspire a meaty menu. While the Severed Ribs are tasty, don’t turn down the Roasted Lamb Spit. Served with spiced garlic pickles and white bread, it is a new take on classic Texas barbecue.

And, the Bride of Frankenstein was not going to be left out of the conversation. Drawing on its German roots, the Reibekuchen is a must enjoy. Although the word might be hard to pronounce, the savory pancake with its pumpernickel crumble is taste that everyone can appreciate.

These menu items are just a small sampling of the food choices on the Halloween Horror Nights 30 menu. There are numerous desserts and drinks to pair with this savory fare.

Halloween Horror Nights 30 runs from September 3 through October 31, 2021. It is a separately ticketed nighttime event at Universal Orlando.

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While Jack might be lurking in the shadows and warned you to never go alone, the Halloween Horror Nights 30 menu is a reason to grab a friend and eat your way through all the screaming under the arches.