Moon Haze from Blue Moon invigorates the hazy beer scene

Moon Haze, Blue Moon adds a new Hazy IPA, photo provided by Blue Moon
Moon Haze, Blue Moon adds a new Hazy IPA, photo provided by Blue Moon /

Served with an orange slice, Blue Moon Belgian White has always been a favorite in the beer scene. With Moon Haze becoming available nationwide, the popular beer brand is giving everyone a new hazy, juicy beverage with a flavor that is irresistible.

Hazy IPA beers have been having a moment. Even though Blue Moon Belgian White was the “original beer that put hazy beer on the map for many U.S. drinkers,” that thirst for a hazy style beer has only increased. While the beer’s cloudy visual might mystify the drinker, the flavor is the reason why people come back for more. With terms like juicy, bright and flavorful, this style of beer is enticing. Never overpowering or heavy, the fuller flavors have made this beer style grow in popularity.

As John Legnard, Brewmaster at Blue Moon Brewing Company, said, “With Moon Haze, the experience starts before you take a sip – you drink in the hazy golden change from orange color with your eyes and smell the citrusy and hoppy aroma.” That description is one of the reasons why a hazy IPA tempts drinkers to that that sip. With a touch of mystery, there is a lure to take sip after sip and let the experience unfold.

Since Blue Moon has been a pioneer in the craft beer movement for over 25 years, the beer brand appreciates that it continually has to evolve. While there will always be a glass of classic Blue Moon on the table, the new and innovative beers need to be part of the conversation. That reasoning is why Blue Moon has put its spin on hazy IPAs with the Moon Haze.

Moon Haze Blue Moon Hazy IPA
Moon Haze Blue Moon Hazy IPA, photo provided by Blue Moon /

While many love the subtly sweet Valencia orange peel in the classic Blue Moon Belgian White, the Moon Haze has a slightly different orange flavor. The dried, whole oranges in the hazy IPA create a juicier, bolder flavor.

Although there is a noticeable juiciness, the flavor is more than just orange. The combination of tropical fruits with hoppy notes with the orange makes this beer a quite delightful sip. Even with a touch of bitterness, the various tropical fruits add to the versatility of the beer. Whether drunk on its own, paired with a backyard barbecue or even served with some spicy tacos, the beer’s flavor allows it to be the beverage choice for any occasion.

By adding Moon Haze to the Blue Moon line-up, the beer brand has a beverage to quench any flavor thirst. From the classic Blue Moon Belgian Wheat to the sessionable LightSky, the brand’s signature flavor and styles have numerous applications yet never stray too far from what makes them great.

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The Blue Moon Moon Haze is sold nationwide. Available in 6-pack and 12- pack, 12 oz can offerings, the beer has a 5.7% ABV.

Ready to crack open a can of Moon Haze? Have you embraced the Hazy IPAs beer trend?