Pop-Tarts Día de Muertos box celebrates tradition through pastry

Dia de Muertos Pop Tarts, photo provided by Pop Tarts
Dia de Muertos Pop Tarts, photo provided by Pop Tarts /

While Pop-Tarts are a pantry staple, that box of filled pastry treats is opening a conversation beyond the favorite flavor in the box. With the new limited-edition Pop-Tarts Dia de Muertos box, that favorite pastry brings a taste of tradition to everyone at the table.

Recently, Pop-Tarts has been using its classic pastry to think beyond the box. While the recent Lyrical Lemonade collaboration looked at pop culture, this latest offering from Pop-Tarts and Kellogg’s shows how food and culture intersect. Even if a Dia de Muertos celebration isn’t part of every family’s traditions, this box can give everyone a great appreciation for Latino arts and culture.

The Pop-Tarts de Muertos box is through a partnership with the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures. María López de León, President and CEO of NALAC shared, “We are pleased that Pop-Tarts is engaged in helping us enrich knowledge to fuel understanding, creativity and passion.”

As López de León explained, “Día de Muertos is an indigenous practice of remembrance in communities across the Americas that many hold incredibly dear. This living tradition that has inspired artists, communities and cultures for thousands of years.”

Pop-Tarts Dia de Muertos box celebrates the vibrancy of the U.S. Latinx community

While the colorful box will capture people’s attention on the shelf, the visual comes with a serving of knowledge. Each of those designs have meaning and purpose.

The limited edition Pop-Tarts Dia de Muertos box will feature a variety of designs. They include classic imagery often associated with the celebration.

Pop-Tarts dia de muertos cinnamon churros flavor
Dia de los Muertos Pop Tarts, photo provided by Pop Tarts /

The designs include Alebrijes, the vibrant Mexican folk sculptures, Papel Picado, colorful tissue paper with its intricately cut designs, Glor de Cempasuchil, the marigold flower, and Calavera de Azucar, the iconic sugar skulls.

The designs are printed on the Frosted Chocolatey Churro flavor Pop-Tart. While this churro flavor won’t leave your hands dusted in sugar, the pastry captures that chocolate cinnamon flavor in the best way. Whether enjoyed warm from the toaster, straight from the bag or even frozen, many people will want to grab two boxes to enjoy during the fall season.

This offering by Pop-Tarts shows that food and culture can and should be intertwined. It is more than just introducing new flavors or innovations. Food can bridge bigger conversations around the table.

Given the potential success of this launch, it will be interesting to see if other offerings will become available in the future. From Chinese New Year to Kwanza, the possibilities are many.

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What food and culture cross overs would you like to see? Are you excited to try this Pop-Tarts offering?