Selena Sundae is the newest sweet treat on the Serendipity3 menu

The Selena Sundae, photo provided by Serendipity 3
The Selena Sundae, photo provided by Serendipity 3 /

Ready for a spoonful of the new Selena Sundae? While she might have improved her cooking skills on her HBO Max show, Selena Gomez is bringing a sweet treat to Serendipity3. While many people will fall in love with the flavor combinations, each scoop does more than just satisfy that sweet tooth. The new menu item raises funds for the Rare Impact Fund. Now, there is an extra reason to enjoy some more ice cream.

Recently, Serendipity3 re-imagined its iconic New York City location. While favorites like the Frozen Hot Chocolate are always available, the revitalized look and menu build on the brand’s whimsical food experience. From World Record French Fries to colorful treats, a visit to the restaurant is always a memorable one.

As celebrity partner and investor, Gomez appreciates that a visit to the NYC landmark is as much about the food as it is about the ambiance. Having these type of special offerings on the menu adds to the excitement of the restaurant’s reopening.

Gomez said, “My memories at Serendipity date back to when I was a kid and I came to New York City for the first time. I’ve always loved this restaurant, and I am excited to celebrate its reopening by adding a sundae I created to the menu.”

What flavor are in the Selena Sundae at Serendipity3?

According to Serendipity3, the Selena Sundae features the following: “three scoops of Cookies & Cream ice cream, along with Banana, Hot Fudge, Cream-Filled Cookie Crumbles, decadent Pink Sugar, Whipped Cream and a Cherry on top.” While the sundae is cookies and cream forward, the addition of banana is a nice touch. That fruit can cut through the rest of the sweetness.

Also, the Pink Sugar Whipped Cream adds to the food-grammable moment. A little punch of color on the plate makes any treat even more enjoyable.

The new menu item is inspired by Gomez’s Cookies & Cream Remix, which is in collaboration with Serendipity Brands. Gomez is an investor in Serendipity Brands.

Purchases of the Selena Sundae trigger a 10% donation to Rare Impact Fund. That Gomez backed charity, “is committed to expanding access to mental health services in educational settings.”

The new menu item joins other Serendipity3 food choices like Truffle Burger with Boursin Cheese & Black Truffle Mayo and the It’s My Birthday Cake Sundae. A visit to the infamous restaurant is about embracing the over the top food experience.

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Serendipity3 is located at 225 E 60th Street in New York City. For reservations, hours of operation and more information, please visit the brand’s website.

What do you think of the Selena Sundae? Craving some ice cream?