Burger King Royal Perks rolls out the red carpet program nationwide

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(Photo by Ali Balikci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

The idea of having it your way has always been part of the Burger King mantra and now the Burger King Royal Perks are taking that idea to whole new level. With the nationwide roll out of this member reward program, Burger King looks to make all its guests feel like they are royalty.

Restaurant loyalty programs have become the norm at most quick service restaurants. Whether it is ease of paying, special offers or earning free food, customers want to feel that every dollar spent is being valued. With all the apps on the device, brands need to find ways to be on top of the scroll.

After testing the Burger King Royal Perks program, BK learned that “more than 80 percent of Royal Perks members (are) likely to recommend the loyalty program.” That approval rating is staggering. Few people, let alone programs, have that type of resounding success.

Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer of Burger King, North America, said “We’ve gone from testing Royal Perks digitally in three markets in February to nationwide digital access, and are on track to have more than two thirds of our restaurants activated with loyalty capabilities in September. We’re excited for members to unlock a more personalized BK experience and access to rewards they can’t get anywhere else, starting with a new Royal Perks deal later this month.”

What can guests expect from the Burger King Royal Perks program?

As the loyalty program becomes widely available, Burger King added some benefits based on initial customer feedback. While new food and special offers can be exciting, the reality is that people want to feel valued. Earning each of those “crowns” makes guests sit taller in their proverbial throne.

For the Burger King program, guests earn 10 crowns for every $1 spent. And, throughout a user’s birthday month, guests earn double crowns. After all, royalty deserves to celebrate their birthday more than just one day.

Those crowns can be used to redeem a variety of menu items. Unlike other reward programs, the entire BK menu is part of the reward redemption program.

In addition, members will receive free daily perks. By opting into the program, guests can have the “option to upsize drink, fries, or hash browns for free per order, per day.” This idea could be a big money saver for many guests. Yes, a bigger drink without an additional cost does have value.

Since food delivery has become even more important to quick service restaurants, the reward program applies to any order via the BK app or BK.com. After all, sometimes the couch is the most perfect throne.

Lastly, being part of the Burger King Royal Perks comes with access to special offers, exclusives and other programs. Many brands use their loyalty programs to offer early access to new menu items. It will be interesting to what BK will use as its first big offer.

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What is your favorite quick service restaurant loyalty program? How many of these apps do you have on your phone?