Buffalo Wild Wings football menu celebrates greatest of all times

BWW Tailgate Bundle, photo provided by BWW
BWW Tailgate Bundle, photo provided by BWW /

With the rosters finalized and everyone preparing for the season’s kick-off, the Buffalo Wild Wings football menu has the ultimate spread to satisfy the biggest football fans. Grab that lucky jersey and place a food order.

Considered America’s sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings is always a great place to watch a favorite team, catch up with that fantasy team or just enjoy an afternoon with friends. While everyone might not agree on the outcome of the game, they can cheer for great food.

On the Buffalo Wild Wings football menu this season, the brand is offering a Tablegate Bundle. This feast includes 20 boneless wings, Everything Pretzel Knots and Buffalo Chicken Tots. This bundle is perfect for the small group or the really hungry teenager seems to be able to eat everything, every five minutes.

Another option is the Tailgate Bundle. That option includes “15 boneless wings, 15 traditional wings, Everything Pretzel Knots and a large order of Tots.” This option is available for takeout and delivery.

While everyone knows about the wings at BWW, the Everything Pretzel Knots are the menu item that will have everyone fighting over the last piece. They are just that good.

Since all that food and cheering builds up a big thirst, the Buffalo Wild Wings football menu includes the new Spiked Football cocktail. Considered a tiki style drink, the cocktail includes Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, coconut, lime and pineapple juices. It is served in a custom football-shaped glass.

While the beverage is spiked, don’t spike this football. It is meant to be sipped slowly throughout the game or raised in celebration after that epic victory.

How does the Greatest of All Times campaign fit into the Buffalo Wild Wings football menu?

Since many people enjoy watching their favorite teams at BWW, that time spent together is more than just four quarters of play. It is about the enjoyment of being together.

As Rita Patel, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings, said, “The start of football season is not only one of the most anticipated times of year for sports fans, it’s also an exciting time for Buffalo Wild Wings sports bars across the country. Kickoff means getting together with your crew to watch the game, feasting on great food and making unforgettable memories together. Our Greatest of All Times campaign is all about bringing that camaraderie to life. Whether that means gathering at our sports bars or at home, we’ve got you covered this fall!

While that term Greatest of All Times can take on various meanings, for BWW fans, it is about that frosty beer, flavorful food and delectable sauces. When all those items come together, it is a win for everyone.

Ready to celebrate football season? The kickoff is here, and everyone is ready to cheer and raise a toast to good times.

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What Buffalo Wild Wings football menu item will you be ordering this season? Do you have a lucky football food?