Kinder Joy and Barbie encourage everyone to dream big

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(Photo by Kristy Sparow/Getty Images) /

As the candy that has blended play and a treat, Kinder Joy understands that life’s sweet moments are always filled with imagination. Whether it is creating the perfect bite of creamy and crunchy or the imaginative adventure with a toy, those little moments are meant to be celebrated. With this Kinder Joy and Barbie collaboration, everyone is encouraged to dream big.

Over the years, Kinder Joy has collaborated with many iconic themes. From popular movies to favorite characters, there is always a smile waiting to be unwrapped in those treats.

With the new Kinder Joy and Barbie “You Can Be Anything” eggs, these treats celebrate empowerment and diversity. The idea is to capture the spirit that has been part of the Barbie brand for decades. From famous figures to professional careers, Barbie has never doubted her ability to do it all. The latest collaboration captures that concept.

The idea that a kid can be and can do anything has always been woven into the Barbie story. As Roz Nowicki, Head of Global Consumer Products & Franchise Marketing, Mattel said, “Partners like Kinder Joy allow us to take our core brand values and extend them into new formats. Our joint creative effort is designed to allow kids to explore different career fields with play that goes beyond the moment of discovery.”

Felipe Riera Michelotti, Vice President of Marketing, Kinder, North America, said, “We’re very excited to partner with Mattel once again, bringing together the Barbie brand’s you-can-be-anything spirit and the delight of possibility inside every Kinder Joy.” By using play to dream big, the concept feels within reach and free of any barriers to pursuing those goals.

These new Kinder Joy and Barbie offerings include five inspirational Barbie characters. Those items are a DJ, baker, scientist, athlete and movie director. Even though the characters represent certain areas, they are just a starting point. It opens the doors to see and embrace what is possible.

In addition to the You Can Be Anything eggs, there is a sweepstakes that will give away a custom playhouse which “promotes communication skills, empathy and understanding through imagination.” Created by Charmed Playhouses, these special playhouse will be the ultimate space to allow kids’ imaginations to dream big.

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More information on the sweepstakes can be found online. The new Kinder Joy an Barbie You Can Be Anything Eggs are available at retailers nationwide.

How do you encourage kids to dream big? What inspired you to pursue your dreams?