Best beers for end of summer parties

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Wondering what to stock in the cool for the end of summer parties? These summer parties best beers need to be within quick reach and chilled in the cooler. Ready to crack open a cold one?

Before fall comes, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy another beer. Even though a lot of people have moved onto that pumpkin flavored beverage, it might be time to raise a glass one more time to warm days, easy drinking and good fun.

When it comes to picking the best beers for end of summer parties, usually the better choices are lighter beers, easy drinking beers or sessionable beers. No one wants to drink a heavy, super ABV beer only to miss out on the full day’s worth of fun.

What end of summer parties best beers are in the cooler?

Blue Moon Moon Haze

The new hazy IPA from Blue Moon has a delightful juicy flavor. The zesty citrus flavor is balanced with tropical notes. From the first sip to the last sip, it is might have people dreaming about their toes in the sand.

Elysian Brewing Salt and Seed

The watermelon gose from Elysian Brewing has been a great addition to the beer brand’s offerings. That slightly sour taste with a hint of sweet is refreshing on a hot day. Whether eaten with barbecue, a light salad or even some fried chicken, this beer goes with almost anything.

Green Flash Brewing Saturhaze IPA

Maybe it is that cute dog or maybe it is the can, but the Saturhaze IPA is a refreshing IPA. At just 4.2% ABV, it is perfect for floating in the pool, chilling at the beach or just watching a game on the couch. With a tropical citrus aroma and a matching flavor, this beer is all day sipping at its best.

Sycamore Brewing Mountain Candy IPA

While the Mountain Candy IPA might be a little higher on the IPA scale, it is totally worth opening and savoring a can. Although there are some candy notes to this beer, the stonefruit is the reason that brings people back for another sip. That golden color is almost as pretty as the setting sun. Toast to another great day outside.

Narragansett Beer

Say hi to your neighbor and crack open a can of Narragansett Beer. The iconic Rhode Island lager is always a great choice. While it might not help keep Jaws away, it is as refreshing on a boat as it is on land. Ready to say hi to it again?

Stella Artois Summer Solstice

While the solstice has past, the Stella Artois Summer Solstice is always a great choice. An easy sipper on a warm day, it pairs with almost any food. It is perfect way to toast another summer filled with memories.

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What are your best beers for end of summer parties? Do you drink the same beer all year long?