David Costabile shares how Wags would react to Pepsi’s Sunday football decree, interview

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In the new Football Is Calling ad campaign from Pepsi, David Costabile makes an impassioned plea to football fans. It is time to skip the brunch, the to-do list and the other items that are a distraction from what matters the most on Sunday, football, best enjoyed with the beverage that makes everything taste better. Ahead of the season premiere of Billions, Costabile shares a little insight on what Wags might do for his version of football Sunday.

While he has been known for many memorable characters, Costabile has made Wags on Billions the character that you always want to stand behind you. It is more than just the good time guy who knows how to get you out of a pickle. There is something lovable about that flawed man.

During a recent conversation with Costabile, he gave a little insight on his Wag character ahead of the premiere episode. Although he said that, “of course, I you can’t tell you anything about what’s going to happen or what’s not going to happen,” he did admit that there are “some surprises for sure about the season.”

And, most importantly, this season will have Wags’ fans plenty of reasons to watch. Costabile said that he gets to say “the most outrageous (stuff) of anybody on the television show that is for certain.” And, this season will definitely have Wags fans feeling quite satisfied.

Although Wags is a character, he is a character that some people would like to have join them during Sunday football. But, his version of football Sunday might not be the typical tailgate.

Costabile shared that a Wags type event might be a “little more NC-17.” Since Costabile believes “Wags does not really cook,” he thinks that the event would be “very well catered.” Quite possibly, it seems that the whole experience “would be very high-end with lots of people.” Whether or not everyone remembers event the next day remains to be seen.

While Wags might steal the show in Billions, New York City is the character that ties everyone together. Woven into the show are all the things that make New York City great. As Costabile said, “all those things that we love about New York, from celebrating the culture, food, theaters, and museums, it all makes for such a great city.”

And even if Billions airs on football Sunday, there is always a way to catch both the game and the new episode. It just takes a little planning.

Lastly, one burning football question had to asked to end the interview. What did Costabile think Wags would say about Tom Brady throwing the Lombardi Trophy from boat to boat during the Super Bowl championship celebration. Costabile said, “Wags would have been encouraging Brady to throw that trophy and maybe he would have a cocktail waiting to celebrate.”

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A new season of Billions airs on Showtime. The season premiere is on September 5.

David Costabile stars in the new Pepsi commercial Football is Calling commercial.