Buddy vs Duff Season 3 winner stomped his way to victory

Host Buddy Valastro and his team meet the judges before revealing their cakes, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo provided by Food Network
Host Buddy Valastro and his team meet the judges before revealing their cakes, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo provided by Food Network /

Going into the season finale, the teams were tied. Still, only one team would be crowned the Buddy vs Duff Season 3 winner. With only a two-point difference in the final totals, this one cake snatched the crown. But did it leave open the possibility of a Buddy vs Duff Season 4?

For the finale, the theme was monsters. While this idea could go in many directions, most Food Network fans expected certain patterns to continue. Even though this season has had some ups and downs, each team has their preferred cake style. That concept is not going to change for the finale.

Team Buddy made a radioactive dinosaur. While this look had ties to many of his other cakes this season, it was still impressive. Balancing all that cake on two legs took some engineering skills. Still, it was a big animal cake, which is something that Team Buddy had done previously this season.

The item that made Team Buddy’s cake stand out was clearly the sugar spikes. Having an amazing sugar artist on his team, especially for the finale, was a huge bonus. The details in all those sugar spikes were amazing.

In addition, having the sugar lit was smart. It made all the details in the sugar work stand out. To say that this aspect was the crowning achievement might be an understatement.

On the downside, this cake was another big animal. Although Team Buddy did it well, it wasn’t necessarily unique. The display was dynamic, and the size was massive. Still, it would have been nice to see something a little different from Cake Boss Buddy Valastro.

How the Buddy vs Duff Season 3 winner wow the judges?

For Team Duff, their cake display might have been more appropriate for Halloween Wars. While their cake was named Marty, it was a terrifying homage to Franken-toys. Maybe Universal Orlando could borrow this idea for its Halloween Horror Nights next year.

Team Duff’s cake was super creative and creepy. The idea of combining all those favorite childhood toys into a franken-toy was visually impressive. But, it was scary. Watching the reactions from the judges, the wincing and eye covering might have been a bad sign for Team Duff.

But, Team Duff never colors within the lines. They are about pushing the envelope. Whether it is the intricacies in the design or the theme, a version of these cakes will never be found at another bakery.

While Marty, the franken-toy, was impressive, it might have caught the judges off guard because it was a little too scary. The squirting puss and hand popping out might have caused the squeamish judges to look the other way. And, who doesn’t find baby doll heads a vision from their nightmares.

Beyond the massive Marty, Team Duff created several other demonic toys. From teddy bears who are a little less cuddly to a melting toys, the toy box might need to stay closed with these items inside.

In total, Team Duff probably made 20 cakes, if all the toys and Marty’s parts are counted separately. That type of effort is a massive undertaking.

Who was named the Buddy vs Duff Season 3 winner?

With a point total of 247 to 245, Team Buddy was crowned the winner. Although some people might have predicted this outcome at the beginning of the season, others would have preferred a different choice.

The idea of the panel of 50 cake artists was supposed to help avoid the scoring controversies from previous seasons. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, the season finale might have been decided when the episode theme was chosen. Since Team Duff went more scary with the monster, that idea can be divisive. If a judge can’t see beyond the creepy, they may not be able to score it as well.

Also, Team Buddy has a sugar artist, which Team Duff does not. There was a lot of emphasis on the sugar for this last challenge. If that element impacted the judges’ decision, it might be more balanced to have a sugar artist on each team. Ensuring that the playing field is equal might help viewers feel a little better about those judges’ decisions.

In the end. Buddy Valastro has the 2 to 1 advantage over Duff Goldman. The Buddy vs Duff Season 3 winner has two wins in a row and currently holds the King of Cake title. But, will he hold it for long? Based on the popularity of this show, Buddy vs Duff Season 4 should be rolling out some fondant next year.

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Did you agree with the Buddy vs Duff Season 3 winner? What changes would you like to see in a future season?