Sprinkles brings back its pumpkin cupcakes and reveals a flavor secret

Sprinkles Pumpkin Cupcakes, photo provided by Sprinkles
Sprinkles Pumpkin Cupcakes, photo provided by Sprinkles /

Who doesn’t love Sprinkles pumpkin cupcakes? Like many other pumpkin treats, the favorite bakery is bringing back those fall flavors early, on September 13 to be exact. While the fall chill might not be taking over the weather, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy one of these popular cupcake flavors.

According to Sprinkles, the brand sells “nearly 100,000 pumpkin cupcakes every year.” Whether it is the favorite fall flavor, the moist cake or that luscious icing, there is always an excuse to enjoy another cupcake.

For this year’s offerings, Sprinkles will have two pumpkin cupcake flavors. They are Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The pumpkin cupcake is a traditional fall offering. The pumpkin spice cake is flavored with traditional spices, like ginger, clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. That moist cake is topped with a traditional sweet cinnamon cream cheese frosting. While the flavor combinations might be familiar, Sprinkles does it better than others.

The Pumpkin Cupcake is available in bakeries from September 13 through November 28. Also, these cupcakes can be shipped nationwide from November 1 through November 28. These cupcakes could be a tasty alternative to that pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner.

The other offering is Pumpkin Spice Latte. While everyone has not had their full of that PSL beverage, this cupcake has a slightly different flavor combination. The spiced pumpkin cake is filled with a marshmallow cream and topped with a Cuban coffee frosting. Pairing with a PSL is a personal choice.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte will be available in bakeries from September 13 through October 3.

What is the secret that makes Sprinkles Pumpkin Cupcakes so delicious?

While many bakers long to make that perfect cupcake, Sprinkles has a little secret on making that next batch even tastier. According to Sprinkles, “for a fluffier cake, rest the batter for 30 minutes after mixing.” Even though that baking hack takes longer, that first bite is worth the wait.

And, that Cuban coffee frosting has become a new flavor obsession, Sprinkles has another baking hack that will change how bakers make their frosting. According to Sprinkles, “using freshly brewed coffee in the icing helps bring out the true latte flavor in the Pumpkin Spice Latte cupcake.” Additionally, it is best to use room-temperature coffee.

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Do you have a craving for Sprinkles pumpkin cupcakes? Are you ready to embrace all those fall flavors?