Erin Andrews helps 7-Eleven find the ultimate football superfan, interview

Erin Andrews for 7-Eleven, photo provided by 7-Eleven
Erin Andrews for 7-Eleven, photo provided by 7-Eleven /

Erin Andrews knows about superfans. As she travels from game to game, that prime viewing spot on the sideline is more than the best place to see every first down and memorable score, she has seen her fair share of epic football fans. Now, she is helping find the ultimate 7-Eleven Superfan as part of the Fuel Your Fandom Sweepstakes.

As football season gets ready to kick off, many people are preparing for game day. Although the athletes on the field might have their own rituals, fans have their special preparations. Beyond the lucky jersey, food is part of that football watching experience.

This year, 7-Eleven is looking to create the 7-Eleven Superfan Influencer team. With the help of Erin Andrews, Dak Prescott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster, they will highlight how some superfans are fueling their fandom. And, yes, many of these superfans will be taking it to eleven.

According to Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, “This football season, we want to showcase all the ways 7-Eleven celebrates football fans, including gearing them up with their favorite gameday drinks, snacks and essentials – in-store or for delivery.” And, Andrews has a few thoughts on those game day essentials as well as what makes a superfan.

Erin Andrews shares her thoughts on the ultimate superfan

During a recent phone conversation with FoodSided, Andrews shared a variety of thoughts on the many superfans that she sees throughout the nation. For her, superfans can have different approaches.

For example, Andrews shared that some superfans are know every stat, detail and fact. Their knowledge base makes them the top dog. Whether it is a player’s longest drive, number of sacks for the season or even favorite food, these superfans would win that trivia contest hands down.

On the side, Andrews commented that some superfans are all about showing their passion for their team. Who hasn’t seen the St. Vince at a Green Bay Packers game or the passionate Raiders fans on the sidelines? These creative superfans are all about the visual. While they could probably recite all the facts, people know them for their fan creativity.

Andrews shares that this spectrum of fandoms is what makes football so great. There is room in the stands for everyone. From the loudest fan ever to the silent supporter in the corner, everyone has a place in the football fan world.

What is Erin Andrews serving on game day?

Since 7-Eleven makes it so convenient to have a huge game day spread, Andrews recommends getting some pizza, chicken wings and, of course, a Slurpee for game day. All those classic football food choices are available at the local 7-Eleven.

And, for Andrews, the Slurpee is a must. She prefers the Coca-Cola Slurpee, but superfans can pick their own favorite flavor.

Erin Andrews 7-eleven football superfan contest
Erin Andrews for 7-Eleven, photo provided by 7-Eleven /

Given that Andrews grew up in a sports-centric household, she recalled how her dad would make some great food on game days. Whether it was the Packers on television or just enjoying action with her father, those game day traditions are cherished parts of her family memories.

That connection between Andrews and her dad continues to this day. Andrews shared that she calls her dad before games. It is part of her game day ritual. Just like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and coffee that she has before every game.

With a big season ahead, Andrews had a few thoughts on potential storylines. As a Tampa girl, she is curious to see if Brady and the Bucs could repeat. Also, she pondered whether the Rams could make the same run as the Bucs, so that there could be another home field Super Bowl game.

Overall, Andrews thinks that the upcoming season is going to be a strong one. From the play on the field to the superfans in the stands, everyone is ready for some exciting football action.

More importantly, 7-Eleven is the one stop shop for all the superfans needs. From beverages to food for before, during and after the game, America’s convenience store is always delivering what fans crave.

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Do you have what it takes to be the 7-Eleven Superfan Influencer? What is your must have game day food?