Steelers, Seahawks score Pizza Hut partnerships


Following the Pizza Hut announcement as the Official Pizza sponsor of the NFL, both the Steelers and Seahawks score individual team partnerships.

Pizza Hut is ready for football season. After being named the Official Pizza sponsor of the NFL, two new team partnerships have been announced. Both the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers have formed team partnerships with the iconic pizza brand. Are you ready to eat together?

The Seattle Seahawks partnership will leverage the team’s infamous fan base “The 12s.” Throughout the season there will be deals, promotions and events. Anyone who has been to a Seattle game knows that their fans can get loud. Wonder if that volume will be featured in any of the promotions.

Pizza Hut Steelers partnership, photo provided by Pizza Hut

Following the Seattle announcement, the Steelers are the second team to partner with the brand. According to Pizza Hut, the partnership looks to leverage the team’s iconic legacy. Fans should start seeing deals, promotions and entertainment throughout the upcoming football season.

One of the most exciting parts of the promotion will be the ads featuring wide receivers Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster. JuJu was previously featured in the brand’s Doorbell Dance promotions during this year’s NFL Draft.

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It will be interesting to see the new ads with the two Steelers players. According Antonio Brown’s Instagram account, he used the tags #StayHungry and #AllDay. It is unclear if these phrases are his choice or a hint about the upcoming campaign. Actually, the more likely theme will be the “eat together” idea. Either way, the ads should be entertaining.

Hopefully, the pizza brand is leveraging the idea that fans and players can “eat together.” While they may not be sharing a pizza together at the table, they can enjoy the same pizza toppings, style or type that their favorite player enjoys.

Like many other food stories, this type of promotion shows how fans, brands and food can come together in a common story. All three components work together to solidify the bonds between all three components.

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Since Pizza Hut is the Official Pizza sponsor of the NFL, it seems likely that more teams could partner with the pizza brand. Which team could be next? With Pizza Hut headquarters in Plano, can anyone see a Cowboys partnership on the horizon?