OREO Pokemon Cookies: Can you catch them all before they disappear?

OREO Pokemon Cookies Collaboration, photo provided by OREO
OREO Pokemon Cookies Collaboration, photo provided by OREO /

Calling all Trainers. The OREO Pokemon Cookies are here and this limited-edition special offering might be more precious than any golden ticket. Starting September 13, these packages will start appearing on store shelves. Who will be able to catch them all?

Recently, OREO has been elevating the playful conversation with its iconic sandwich cookies. While many people love being able to twist, dunk and eat those cookies, that sweet treat has become more than just the tried and true classic.

Over the past year, the various collaborations have given many snack fans additional reasons to grab one or more extra packages. From Lady Gaga to the NBA, these offerings make people rediscover their love of OREOs.

What can fans expect from the OREO Pokemon Cookies?

As “OREO’s first-ever cookie rarity scheme,” these limited edition cookies bring some beloved characters onto the cookie itself. With 16 unique cookie embossments, favorite characters can be caught in the cookie jar. From the always popular Pikachu to Squirtle, all the favorite characters make an appearance.

Like the game itself, some characters are more rare than others. Although there are 16 designs in total, not every package has all the characters. The randomly packaged cookies give fans a quest to find them all.

Although OREO did not reveal how many designs are in each package, one clue is important to those Trainers on a mission. According to OREO, Mew is the hardest to find design. There is an “extremely limited amount” of this design available. If you find one, everyone will be jealous.

Since the goal of any good trainer is to catch them all, fans will line up to get these limited-edition cookies. From retailers nationwide to OREO website, everyone better be quick to catch them all.

While eating OREO cookies is always a good choice, this special collaboration is more than just another sweet treat. To kick off the collaboration, OREO unveiled a special art installation on Venice Beach Boardwalk.

The special image is “a pixelated Pikachu made entirely out of 3D replicas of the Limited-Edition Pokémon x OREO cookies.” The display will be available through October 3. Even if you are not in the Los Angeles area, the art installation can be seen online.

Plus, this idea could spark some cookie creativity at home. What artistic expression could these OREO Pokemon cookies create in your house? The possibilities are many.

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Don’t miss your chance to capture these sandwich cookies on September 13. It might be time to brush up on those trainer skills.