NBA Dynasty OREO cookies tip off the new NBA partnership

Limited-edition NBA Dynasty OREO Cookies, photo provided by OREO
Limited-edition NBA Dynasty OREO Cookies, photo provided by OREO /

It is time to get dunking because the NBA Dynasty OREO cookies kick off the new NBA and Mondelēz International partnership. As this limited-edition offering hits store shelves, these classic cookies are just one example of how this new partnership will bring together iconic snack brands and the excitement of NBA and USA Basketball.

As part of the launch, the limited-edition NBA Dynasty OREO cookies are taking a pivot from its tradition playful side. In these packages, the classic wafers feature some NBA dynasties, including the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.

While a few fans might wish that their team was represented, the reality is that this partnership is just beginning. The possibility of highlighting other teams is great. After all, dunking OREOS and slam dunks on the court seem like the perfect pair.

The NBA Dynasty OREO cookies are just the start of how brands and basketball will collaboration potentially on and off the court. Rachel Lawson, Associate Director Scale Consumer and Retail Engagement, Mondelēz International said, “Through this partnership, we will create moments across our brand portfolio that unite all NBA enthusiasts – from teammates and coaches, to fans and families.”

Mondelēz has a wide array of iconic products under its umbrella. From Ritz to Sour Patch Kids and Chips Ahoy! to Trident, there are many opportunities that moments could be created in fun and engaging ways. Just think of the mischievous events that those Sour Patch Kids could create on an NBA court.

Dan Rossomondo, Senior Vice President, Head of Media and Business Development, NBA referred to “unique products and consumer promotions.” That statement leads many people to believe that limited edition products, special events and more could be coming.

For now, the NBA Dynasty OREO cookies will be arriving in stores soon. In addition, there is a Taste of Greatness sweepstakes, where fans can enter to win a trip to the 2022 NBA All-Star Game as well as other prizes.

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What do you think of these NBA Dynasty OREO cookies? Will you be searching store shelves for a package?