Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop is the beverage that you really want

Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop, photo provided by Pepsi /

Put on your pink jacket and style that hair in the pompadour because Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop is here to be the modern twist on that refreshing beverage that you really want. Ready to pull up a stool and get sipping?

Food nostalgia has been having a moment. While people often crave comfort food, the reality is that many people just have a connection to certain iconic flavors. Even before that first sip hits the lips, the memories and the stories start to flow.

In a recent announcement, Pepsi announced that Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop will be the beverage that everyone will really want, and you can sing along, like Doja Cat. The two new beverages are Cream Soda and Black Cherry. Each of the beverages are made with real sugar.

As Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing – Pepsi, said “With a nod to the nostalgic soda shop flavors of the past, Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop is sure to become an instant classic in our limited time offering lineup.”

The flavors are a modern twist on those classic soda shop favorites. While the soda jerk might not be pouring that beverage, you can put on your favorite 50s soundtrack, and a poodle skirt if you want to go all out.

The addition of these flavors is a new slant for Pepsi. While the brand released Pepsi Mango earlier this year, these flavors lend themselves to food creativity. Since food is always better with a Pepsi, why not pair these sweeter offerings with some ice cream, chocolate chip cookies or even that slice of apple pie. It is just like that soda shop experience, but from the home kitchen.

Who is singing the praises of Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop?

To kick off this product launch, Pepsi enlisted the popular singer Doja Cat. Given that it is the 50th anniversary of Grease, Doja Cat is bringing her twist to the classic song, “You’re the One That I Want,”

Doja Cat commented on this surreal experience and said, “It’s such an iconic song and brand, so to have the creative license to put my own spin on it for the launch of Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; I had to be a part of it.”

Adding the musical aspect to this product launch continues the long connection that Pepsi has with the music community. From the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show to featuring the hottest artists in its commercials, that connection between food and culture remains strong.

As Kaplan commented, “Pepsi has a great heritage in music and we couldn’t be more thrilled to continue this legacy by partnering with Doja Cat around the launch of Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop.”

Whether you can recite every lyric or don’t know a Pink Lady from a T-Bird, crack open a can of the new Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop beverages and make your own memorable moment. That sip of nostalgia isn’t dated. Instead, it is the one that you want.

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What is your favorite Pepsi and food pairing? Are you excited about this new limited time offering?