Tony Romo offers Romotivation for the new football season, interview

Tony Romo returns to the Corona Hotline with new Romotivation, photo provided by Corona
Tony Romo returns to the Corona Hotline with new Romotivation, photo provided by Corona /

While he might have orchestrated winning plays with accurate passes on the field, Tony Romo knows better than most that controlling wins and losses wasn’t always in his hands. Many factors contributed to that big win or the disappointing loss. Returning to his role with Corona, Romo is offering some of his words of wisdom with a new take on Romotivation.

Football fans are a passionate group. It is more than just casually watching the game on television with a great food spread. From the lucky jersey to the epic man cave, football day is a whole production. From cheering every first down to wincing at that devastating turnover, it feels as if that fan is the 13th player on the field.

This year, Romo is trying to remind fans that how they play the game matters. The fan’s game day has an impact, and a little optimism both before and after the game can and will make a difference. Ready for your dose of Romotivation?

Tony Romo recommends the three Cs for game day.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Romo shared that there are three Cs that are needed for any game day. Those items are a couch, a cooler and Coronas. With those items, the football watching experience is set on the right path.

Still, any football fan can appreciate that sometimes all the excitement can feel like an emotion of roller coasters. But, Romo has a few thoughts on that experience.

Romo said “it’s a game and we’re going to have ups and downs, but it’s a long season.” More importantly, Romo shared, “more than that, I think the biggest thing is, how special it is. That you get to feel emotions about something because you know, that’s a big deal, right?”

Tony Romo for Corona
Tony Romo for Corona, photo provided by Corona /

In many ways, Romo is right. That idea of being able to channel those emotions into something positive is important. Just like a coach makes a rousing speech before the game to motivate players, those words can and should have meaning. In some ways, Romo is coaching fans through this Romotivation.

Romo commented, “I think that whenever you have a great coach, there’s always things they say that resonate and stay with you almost like a parent, a brother, a best friend, the words matter.”

Since words matter, it is really important to focus on that positive. Romo believes that “we’re so emotional and sometimes the ups, downs and our team kind of plays a role in that.” But, “the fact that you care about something is a positive, whether it’s good or bad today or next week, but keeping that nice optimistic perspective, and just embrace it each week that you get a chance to feel emotionally, good or bad, and that’s a cool thing.”

Now that Romo has transitioned off the field and into the analyst role, he has experienced his own ups and downs. In this role, he has come to learn that it is about improvement.

Romo said, “I want to be as good as I can be at this job, as an analyst, and a broadcaster.” For him, it is “about knowing yourself, knowing what you’ve done, the mistakes you’ve made and how to ensure that they don’t happen again. Sometimes you got to dig deep and be like, why did that happen? It’s just constant, trial and error, but it’s a thought process for me, that requires an effort and wanting to improve.”

Tony Romo says that is about always learning and getting better.

While few people will experience being a winning quarterback on the NFL stage or being a broadcaster, that advice can resonate in any part of life. From work to school to life in general, that dose of Romotivation resonates.

Romo believes that “always be learning and improving getting better” is key. While he said, it “doesn’t mean you’re always going to be the best version yourself each time,” but that journey is important.

Since Romo is an avid golfer, it was fitting that he made a golfing analogy. Referring to highs and lows, he said “it’s like golf. It’s a game of misses, both huge and small. At some point those really good shots come through.”

Tony Romo brings Romotivation to Corona
Tony Romo for Corona, photo provided by Corona /

Lastly, the conversation couldn’t end without asking Romo for some predictions on 2021 NFL season. He offered this expert insight.

Romo referred to “the new coaching staffs that have brought in quarterbacks, which can make a major difference. Add to that a really good coach, a great scheme that’s coming in, that’s going to help the football team.”

While it can be hard to predict final outcomes, Romo said that this season is “probably the deepest season as far as how many teams could actually make it to the end. Usually there’s three teams -maybe four teams that have a chance really to win it. Then there’s always one surprising right? This year, there’s like eight or ten now, and a lot of that has to do with the quarterback. The play in the national football league, it’s deeper than it’s ever been.”

Who are two teams that everyone needs to watch? Romo revealed “I wouldn’t be going against the Jets. They have a young quarterback. It’s going to take them a little time, but I think their head coach is great and I think they’re going in the right direction. Also, the Chargers have a young quarterback who’s phenomenal. Those are the type of teams. were you thought would no-brainers in years past, not anymore.”

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For football fans, this season is going to have highs, lows and everything in between. When fans need to phone a friend, Tony Romo is back with this Romotivation with a little help from Corona. The three Cs, couch, coolers and Corona, are part of the winning playbook for any football fan. Ready to enjoy a cold one and toast to another positive experience?