Popeyes and Dr Pepper reveal the ultimate tailgating experience, exclusive

Popeyes and Dr Pepper reveal the ultimate tailgating experience, exclusive, photo by Popeyes
Popeyes and Dr Pepper reveal the ultimate tailgating experience, exclusive, photo by Popeyes /

Popeyes and Dr Pepper might have scored the biggest food and football win this season. While everyone loves that chicken from Popeyes and Dr Pepper returns to glory with Fansville, the dynamic duo has created the ultimate tailgating experience for fans. Could you be the envy of football fans everywhere?

During football season, fans understand that the game is more than just four quarters of play. It is the tailgating before the game, the banter with opposing teams and even commiserating after the game. As many people appreciate, being a football fan is more than just wearing a jersey on game day.

That idea of the love of the game is at the heart of this Popeyes and Dr Pepper collaboration. While those new chicken nuggets and an iced cold Dr Pepper might be the winning food and beverage combination, the ultimate tailgating experience is more. Are you ready to “Love That Game” event more?

How are Popeyes and Dr Pepper creating the ultimate tailgating experience?

Even the biggest superfan can crave an upgrade to their tailgating. Through the 2021 “Love That Game” giveaway, guests will have the opportunity to win weekly tailgate gaming packages as well as a $15K Home Theater/Home Tailgate Package.

To receive this chance to win, “guests who purchase a medium or large beverage at Popeyes will receive a code to enter on the Popeyes App, which will unlock a variety of virtual football themed games that they can play for a chance to win tons of prizes and coupons for their favorite Popeyes menu items.” In addition, the purchase of each medium and large beverage offers a 30% discount at Fanatics.com.

For this year’s “Love That Game” giveaway, Popeyes is leveraging its app for the promotion. By having the code being redeemed via the app, the quick service restaurant brand reinforces the guest connection to the digital platform. While the games are engaging, the coupons for future purchases entice guests to come back for more. That promise of discounts make guests feel valued.

Thinking of favorite Popeyes menu items, it would make sense that the quick service restaurant will include options for the chicken nuggets. That menu expansion was well received this summer. Even though the Popeyes chicken sandwich continues to be popular, the chicken nuggets with its various dipping sauces were a smart menu addition.

The Popeyes and Dr Pepper Love That Game giveaway runs now through October 25. For a complete list of prizes as well as terms and conditions, please visit Popeyes’ website for more information.

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What is your ultimate tailgating experience? More importantly, what is the tastiest Popeyes menu item to pair with an iced cold Dr. Pepper?