Honey Baked Ham Company Pumpkin Spice Turkey captures the best of fall

Honey Baked Ham Company Pumpkin Spice Turkey, photo by Cristine Struble
Honey Baked Ham Company Pumpkin Spice Turkey, photo by Cristine Struble /

While ham might be the star of some holiday tables, the Honey Baked Ham Company Pumpkin Spice Turkey can transform the next family dinner into a fall flavor feast. Even if the craving for that pumpkin spice latte has been waning, this pumpkin spice turkey will reinvigorate the excitement for that favorite fall flavor.

Even before the leaves start to change their colors, pumpkin spice food starts appearing on shelves. From sweet to savory, that particular combination of warm spices can feel like a comforting hug. That limited time flavor just seems to make the pending cold weather seem just a little more bearable.

As the popularity of pumpkin spice continues to grow, more brands are finding ways to highlight those flavors. Savory food often takes creative license with that flavor enhancement. Whether it is pumpkin spice ramen or another food, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a taste of the fall.

According to Jo Ann Herold, Chief Marketing Officer at The Honey Baked Ham Company “The data proves America’s affinity for all things fall, especially the flavors and traditions that make it a favorite time of year.”

That sentiment is the reasoning why the brand added pumpkin spice turkey to the menu. Herold said, “we added pumpkin spice to our signature glaze to bring two fall flavors together in a delicious combination creating our Pumpkin Spice Glazed Turkey Breast. Just another way for all the pumpkin spice fans to enjoy the flavor this season.”

Having had the opportunity to taste test the Honey Baked Ham Company Pumpkin Spice turkey, the flavor is quite enjoyable. Available in both roasted turkey and smoked turkey, the roasted turkey allows the sweetness to shine. The smoked version might offer slightly more savory balance.

To be clear, it is not dessert turkey, but the glaze is sweet. The sugar glaze has a slight crunchy texture. Given that the glaze is mostly on top, it is not overpowering.

In many ways, the flavor combination is enjoyable because of the spice notes. A touch of sweetness works with turkey, but the pie spices make the flavor more rounded.

When serving this pumpkin spice turkey, consider pairing it with some roasted brussels sprouts, a simple green bean or even a side of dressing. Basically, a contrast to the sweetness to the glaze is a great option.

Another option is to cube the pumpkin spice turkey and add it to a hash. If there are any leftovers after dinner, this concept makes for a great brunch dish.

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The Honey Baked Ham Company Pumpkin Spice Turkey is available through October 31, or while supplies last. It comes fully cooked and sliced.

What new pumpkin spice food has captured your attention this season? Can you ever get enough of the pumpkin spice flavors?