The real reason why Nailed It Season 6 decided to tackle this dessert

Nailed It!: Season 6. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
Nailed It!: Season 6. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

From the cloche unveiling to the dropped panel, that dramatic reveal is more than just a memorable visual capturing that a sense of accomplishment. In Nailed It Season 6, the popular Netflix show determined that it was time for these courageous bakers to tackle the one dessert that seems to bring fear to any baking competition. Pies will be baking in those ovens.

Recently, FoodSided had the opportunity to speak with Patrick J. Doody, Showrunner and EP of “Nailed It!” for Magical Elves. During our conversation he shared why it was finally the time to roll out the dough for this flaky challenge.

In the final episode of Nailed It Season 6, the three contestants took on the ultimate baking challenge that leaves bakers covered in flour and frustrated. As seen in the episode, the garden gnome mini-pies might have been sprouting a new ingredient trend in the kitchen. Even though gnomes might be mischievous, these desserts had the judges wishing for a little more attention to detail.

Anyone who has watched Nailed It appreciates that the contestants are not quite ready for their Top Chef moment. Still, each challenge does come with some guidance. For those who are willing to follow instructions, this particular garden stroll could be reap a bounty of rewards.

When asked about this ambitious pie-oneer challenge, Doody shares that the show “always talked about doing pies.” Considering that he has a long list of potential themes and challenges, pies was one dessert that had been considered. Still, that idea had to come at the right now and it was time to take it “off the back burner.”

Doody said, “we know enough about how to make the show work,” which lead the production team to create a way to make this challenge doable, even by the most unlikely bakers. While Doody said that the team was “really excited to finally tackle pies,” everyone watching will be even more excited to see the episode for themselves.

Nailed It Season 6 unveils a pie-tastic challenge.

Anyone who bakes appreciates that these techniques are far more scientific than the sometimes-freeform approach in cooking. Since the contestants do get some recipe guidance, they have to follow the steps. As seen time and again, choosing not to follow the steps will lead to huge downfalls.

Doody explains, that “we designed the challenge in a way that they would be able to accomplish getting the pies done in the time allowed. That element (finishing within the time frame) is the most important.”

With the timing goal met, “the team found a very cute design that works really well. It was a combination of all the great things that we’ve learned over the years and made for a very successful challenge.”

Even with all the tools provided to them, Doody believes that sometimes the contestants get flustered. From being unfamiliar with kitchen tools, like a stand mixer or food processor, or just not remembering whether it was three or four eggs in the bowl, the pressure of baking in an unfamiliar kitchen under particular time constraints can be overwhelming.

Still, Doody often referred back to the premise of the show, which is to be comedic. Nicole Byer keeps the lighthearted moments rising to the top of each challenge. Even when the judges have to eat uncooked beans in a pie, she finds has the witty statement to keep the tone upbeat. There are few people who could eat bean pie and still put a positive spin on that forkful.

As Nailed It fans devour the new season now available on Netflix, that pie challenge is one of the many moments that will have everyone adding a few more laughs to their day. After all, the show is meant to be a comedy with a little sprinkling of baking knowledge and fun. Just like the laughter that fills a home kitchen, that rousing chuckle is often the best seasoning to any food experience.

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What could be the next dessert challenge on Nailed It? Patrick J Doody has more to reveal in upcoming pieces on FoodSided.

Nailed It Season 6 is now available to be streamed on Netflix. Previous seasons are also available via the network.