Raise a stein of SnyderBier, the innovative Oktoberfest beer

Snyder's of Hanover and Captain Lawrence Brewing collaboration, SnyderBier, photo provided by Snyder's of Hanover
Snyder's of Hanover and Captain Lawrence Brewing collaboration, SnyderBier, photo provided by Snyder's of Hanover /

Even if the Munich celebrations are muted this year, the innovative Oktoberfest beer, SnyderBier, needs to be the beverage for that hearty Prost moment. This newest offering from Snyder’s of Hanover and Captain Lawrence Brewing Company blends two icons of any Oktoberfest celebration into a single can. Just remember to say, Zum Wohl before taking a sip.

Anyone who has been to a beer festival appreciates that beer and pretzels are a classic pairing. Whether it is the pretzel necklace which is perfect for nibbling or the warm, soft pretzel that helps to keep that next stein of beer in check, the food and beverage pairing is always welcome.

Previously, Snyder’s of Hanover and Captain Lawrence Brewing Company offered creative Oktoberfest promotions. With the newest offering, it skips the food and beverage pairing and puts that favorite snack into the beer glass. The resulting Snyderbier collaboration proves that favorite foods can be the secret ingredient to an even better tasting beer.

According to Scott Vaccaro, Captain Lawrence Founder and Brewmaster, “Our team at Captain Lawrence loves the challenge of pushing the boundaries to create new and exciting flavors our fans will love, so when Snyder’s of Hanover reached out to take our partnership a step further, we said game on.” Furthering that concept, Rachel Sasser, Director of Marketing, Pretzels, Nuts and Popcorn, Campbell Snacks said, “The mixture of our slow-baked pretzels with Captain Lawrence’s refreshing brew is guaranteed to make you want to celebrate Oktoberfest from wherever you are.”

Oktoberfest beer Pretzel Märzen
Oktoberfest beer,Pretzel Märzen from Snyders of Hanover and Captain Lawrence Brewing, photo provided by Snyder’s of Hanover /

Why is SnyderBier an innovative Oktoberfest beer?

A special collaboration between Snyder’s of Hanover and Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, SnyderBier, is actually beer collection. The two beers are a Pretzel Märzen and a Pretzel Frücht.

The Pretzel Märzen is a more traditional Oktoberfest style beer. More malt forward, the addition of the pretzel flavor adds to the bready notes of the beer.

Also, the beer has flavor notes that make the drinker want another sip. Just like the salt on the pretzel leaves people longing for another bite, the finish makes drinkers crave another sip. When the can is empty, there is a longing for another pour.

The more surprising beer is the Pretzel Frücht. This gose style ale leans more towards the sour style, fruit forward beers. With sweet and savory counterpoints, it begs the beer drinker to sit, ponder and sip again.

The fruit flavors of passion fruit and guava add a tropical note which works well with the pretzel. That tartness with the breadiness is a flavor combination that needs to be explored more.

The 4-pack of the SnyderBier is sold online and retails for $14.99, while supplies last. Given the response to this special offering, it could spark more food and beverage collaborations in the future.

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What is your favorite Oktoberfest beer? Do you always eat pretzels at a beer festival?