Baby Ruth celebrates its connection with The Goonies in a fashionable way

Baby Ruth The Goonies socks, photo provided by Baby Ruth
Baby Ruth The Goonies socks, photo provided by Baby Ruth /

From people relating to those rejects to just knowing that phrase Hey You Guys, The Goonies is an important part of film history and Baby Ruth is celebrating its part in that pop culture phenomenon. While Sloth might love that iconic candy bar, he isn’t the only person who craves that flavor. It might be time to dictate yourself and upgrade that fashion choice.

Baby Ruth might be that imperfectly perfect chocolate bar, but it is more than just the combination of dry roasted peanuts and chocolate that make it so popular. There is a touch of nostalgia hidden in that candy wrapper. Whether people talk about the name, the flavor or recall that first bite, it is a candy bar that always seems to have a story to tell.

From 80s kids to parents who now share the movie with their kids, The Goonies has a story that resonates with many people. Even though a few scenes might seem a little more far fetched in today’s world, the idea of Goonies Never Say Die has stood the test of time.

Recently, Baby Ruth collaborated with Stance and Warner Brothers to release a three sock collection. The designs feature artwork and designs from the film. In addition, the limited-edition box set channels the image of the iconic candy bar.

The three designs are Chunk, the classic skull and Sloth. Each design has extreme attention to detail. From the imagery to the special phrases emblazoned on the sock, this fashion statement is a must. And, the limited-edition 3 pack includes a coupon for a Baby Ruth.

Thinking about this offering, it continues the food fashion conversation that has become more prevalent. Pop culture isn’t just limited to one particular genre. The tie between food and culture continues to strengthen.

In many ways, food is the universal language makes that cultural connection. Seeing a favorite food on screen can change the opinion or a favorite movie can entice someone to take a bite.

For now, grab a pair of The Goonies socks, a Baby Ruth and curl up on the couch and watch the movie again. Even if the kids watch the movie with you, it isn’t necessarily babysitting. It is a fun family moment, without the option of getting paid for that time.

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What food fashion items are in your closet? What other crossover items would you like to see in the drawer?