Which fast food burger has the least calories?

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Having a craving for a burger but would prefer not to light the grill? Sometimes the drive-thru is a quick fix for that craving. For those who are trying to follow a healthy eating lifestyle, calorie counts matter. One quick service restaurant has the least calories fast food burger.

Putting aside convenience, there are various reasons why a guest chooses a particular quick service restaurant. From preferring to have a burger your way to loving those square burgers, the reality is that each burger stands on its own merits. From a particular seasoning to the humble bun, the food is a complete bite.

Still, calories are a consideration for many people. While people can debate the appropriate amount of calories per day versus calories burned, the reality is that many people want to be informed about the food that they eat. It might not change the decision, but it is comes with knowledge.

Which quick service restaurant has the least calories fast food burger?

According to Yorkfest, it studied which quick service restaurants had the least calories fast food burger. While all the major players made the list, the interesting finding is that there are 10 menu items are all under 400 calories. Considering that some people’s morning coffee is double that amount, a burger might be a smart food choice.

Here’s Yorkest list of the top five food choices.

"1 – Burger King – Hamburger – 241 calories2 – McDonalds – Hamburger – 250 calories=2 – Wendy’s – Jr. Hamburger – 250 calories4 – Whataburger – Whataburger Jr. – 310 calories5 – Steak n’ Shake – Single steakburger without cheese – 320 calories"

Granted, this list is plan burgers. Sometimes the best part of a burger is all the condiments and toppings. But, for people who are looking to stay within certain calorie restrictions, all those extras are off the table.

Overall, this list proves that not all fast food choices are over the top. Granted, there are many menu items that are extreme, but other options are available. Still, people have to avoid the urge to order all those extras.

Are calories a consideration when ordering from a fast food restaurant? Do you always order the same menu item or do you pick different food options?