Christian Siriano dishes the most fashionable Emmys party tips

Christian Siriano for Sterling Vinyards, photo provided by Sterling Wine
Christian Siriano for Sterling Vinyards, photo provided by Sterling Wine /

While he knows how to turn heads on the red carpet, Christian Siriano is serving the most fashionable Emmys party tips. Beyond the award ceremony watching gathering, these party tips can apply to any gathering. It is time to open a bottle of wine and enjoy a little nosh.

Although the fashionistas will be walking the red carpet, everyone can have a sip of what the celebrities are drinking for the Emmys. Sterling Vineyards, Official Wine of the Emmy Awards, is a lovely wine that can pair with almost any party food. From simple hors d’oeuvres to a heartier bite, grab that glass, a plate and toast to any big moment.

Through his partnership with Sterling Vineyards, Christian Siriano has served some of his favorite Emmys party tips. From planning the menu to setting the look, each and every element can be utter perfection.

Toast to the best Emmys party tips.

Bring on the finger food

Just like a celebrity needs to be thoughtful about the food around that gorgeous dress, Siriano suggests some fancy finger food for the gathering. While boards are still trending, that idea allows a variety of flavors on a single plate.

The concept of grazing is well-served by finger food. The smaller bites allow guests to enjoy all the different flavors and foods. Sometimes the best events allow guests to have it all.

Toast to red and whites

While too many wines can be slightly overwhelming, choosing a red and a white to serve gives guests options. For example, Siriano recommends a Sterling Vineyards Vintner’s Collection Chardonnay, for a white. The chardonnay is crisp, not too oaky or buttery. It lends itself to a variety of food pairings.

For a red, Siriano is serving Sterling Vineyards Vintner’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon. Whether enjoyed with a slider or some desserts, this bold cab pairs well with many food choices. And, it is equally enjoyable on its own.

By serving a red and a white wine, it can lend itself to a progression throughout the evening as well. A few light bites with the chardonnay to start the night transitions to a finish with a sip of the cabernet sauvignon.

In addition to the food and wine, consider the look and feel of the gathering. From fresh flowers on the table to serving platters, the visually impressive tablescape makes a statement. Just like the perfect outfit captures attention, the setting the scene adds to the enjoyment and the flavor of the event.

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These Emmys party tips are just a few ideas that could make any gathering a rousing success. Toast to the good life and always make an impression.