Yard House Times Square blends beer and food in the most delicious way

Yard House Times Square, photo provided by Yard House
Yard House Times Square, photo provided by Yard House /

In the Big Apple, restaurants need to go bigger to capture diners’ attention and Yard House Times Square accomplishes that goal. From the tremendous beer selection to the unique food offerings, there are plenty of reasons to dine over and over Yard House.

While the Yard House Time Square is the newest location for this restaurant brand, the company has built its success on the foundation of place where beer and food lovers unite. Although cicerone might gawk at the depth of the beer offerings on tap, the restaurant is more than just an iced cold beverage. The exploration of food and beverage pairings brings guests back for more.

At the new Times Square location, there will 130 unique beers on top. As the restaurant with the largest draft beer options, it will feature both regional beers and other well-known breweries. From The Bronx Brewery to Captain Lawrence Brewing, the beer menu is a great way to explore all the variety that beer offers.

Plus, all the Yard House beer is chilled between 38-38 degrees. With over two miles of beer lines in the restaurant, every detail is considered to ensure that each beer poured is perfect.

Although the beer is a huge draw, the menu is vast and varied. There are over 80 menu items, all of which are delightful with the various beers on the menu. From Poke Nachos to burgers to even a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, a food will satisfy every craving.

While some diners might want to satisfy a food craving, it can be a fun food exploration to see how various beers and menu items complement and contrast each other. From a hoppy IPA with a blended burger to a gose with a taco, the food pairings are many.

While friends who gather around the table will enjoy the moment, the restaurant is looking to give back to the community. Through a partnership with New York’s City Harvest Food Bank, unused fresh food will be donated. That connection to the community is another reason to support the City’s newest restaurant.

Yard House Times Square officially opens on September 20. It is located at located on the corner of 7th Ave. and 41st St. For more information, the menu and other information, please visit the brand’s website.

What is your favorite beer and menu pairing at Yard House? How many beers have you tried from the menu?

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