This cast-iron skillet pizza recipe changes pizza night forever

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While ordering from a favorite pizza restaurant can be convenient, this cast-iron skillet pizza recipe might trump the carry out box. With just a handful of ingredients and a favorite kitchen essential, pizza night gets a huge flavor upgrade.

For many people, pizza is a favorite food. Even though favorite toppings might cause debate around the family dinner table, the reality is that pizza night usually brings cheers from everyone.

Although a local pizza restaurant might have its special crust and those irresistible pepperoni cups, sometimes making a recipe from scratch is quite exciting. From experimenting with flavors to controlling the ingredients, pizza night might even come with a healthier twist.

When it comes to healthy eating, some people think that certain foods are off the table. Instead of depriving yourself of certain foods and flavors, it is time to think outside of the box and create a recipe that works within personal healthy eating parameters.

That mindset is one of the many concepts within WW. While the lifestyle brand has re-imagined itself over the years, the reality is that the core of its concept focuses on positive choices that fuel a balanced lifestyle.

Recently WW highlighted a recipe from It’s Complicated by Katie Lee Biegel. One idea is a cast-iron skillet pizza recipe. It shows that  some tasty recipes can re-imagine comfort food favorites.

Even though many people took the time to master baking bread, dough can be a little intimidating. Luckily, Katie Lee has a simple shortcut to ensure that the pizza dough is crisp, yet has the perfect texture in each bite.

For this recipe, the self-rising flour is combined with Greek yogurt. With that method, the dough doesn’t have to rise. Simply roll it out, place it in the cast-iron skillet and dinner is ready to be enjoyed. This two-ingredient dough is a kitchen hack that everyone can master.

The complete recipe can be found on the WW website. This version is a simple cheese pizza. The home cook could add some veggies to the mix. After all, pizza can be a great food to boost that daily veggie count.

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Have you tried this two-ingredient pizza dough hack before? What do you think of this cast-iron skillet pizza recipe?