What is the most popular Pizza Hut topping?

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From Friday night pizza night to enjoying a night off from cooking, Pizza Hut is always ready to serve a slice of deliciousness. While everyone might have their preferred pie, one choice tops the list. What is the most popular Pizza Hut topping?

Pizza Hut was founded with the idea that the brand doesn’t just make pizza, it wants to make people happy. While the brand might say that “We’re the pizza company that lives life unboxed,” the reality is that those pizza boxes are filled with both favorite classics and food innovations.

As a brand that was founded by two brothers with just $600 to a worldwide restaurant company that is rising to the top, Pizza Hut is always looking forward. From innovating the plant-based food space to bringing regional favorites, like the Detroit Pizza, into the conversation, there is nothing bland about being part of the Hut.

Do you agree with the most popular Pizza Hut topping?

While some people prefer specialty pizzas that are loaded with many toppings, Pizza Hut shared a very simple answer to this important food question. According to a brand spokesperson, the most popular Pizza Hut topping is pepperoni.

With National Pepperoni Pizza Day celebrated on September 20, it is the perfect excuse to order a pizza or two. In honor of the national food holiday, Pizza Hut is offering the Double Pepperoni Detroit-Style Pizza for just $10.99. The pizza is available for delivery, carryout, contactless curbside and The Hut Lane pickup.

Combining the National Pepperoni Day with the popularity of pepperoni has a pizza topping, the Detroit-style pizza is a great way to celebrate the food holiday. On this particular pizza, there are “32 slices of regular pepperoni and 48 slices of the signature Pizza Hut Crispy Cupped Pepperoni.” It should definitely satisfy any pepperoni lover.

What is your favorite pizza topping? Do you always order the same pizza?