Pizza Hut’s The Hut Lane proves no one out pizzas the Hut

Pizza Hut Lane, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Lane, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

With the newest innovation, the Pizza Hut Lane shows that savvy consumer wants more convenience. From the Tastemaker pizza to that always tasty hand tossed crust, Pizza Hut is often many people’s preferred Friday night dinner. Whether it is remembering that personal pan pizza as the reward for reading that schoolbook or playing that video game while waiting for that pizza to arrive at the table, sometimes the best bite combines tradition and innovation.

In the recent announcement, Pizza Hut committed to adapting some of its stores with The Hut Lane. The digital order pick-up window allows customers to receive their pizza without ever leaving their car. This announcement reflects how the quick service restaurant pivots to the current climate.

According to Nicolas Burquier, Chief Customer & Operations Officer, Pizza Hut. “Not only do we offer industry-leading, innovative menu items that are only available at Pizza Hut, we also offer several digital-first pick-up options for our customers, and The Hut Lane is a great example of that.”

With this announcement as well as the most recent campaign that adds a taste of newstalgia, the quick service pizza restaurant appreciates that it needs to look to the future without forgetting the past. Many people look to recapture that taste that they remember, but they aren’t willing to compromise on the convenience.

As the pizza market becomes even more crowded, the best slice isn’t always the most outrageous pie. While many people are drawn to the outlandish toppings and flavor combinations, the reality is that classic pizza and favorite toppings never go out of style. In a way, it is the ultimate comfort food.

But standing out in the crowd continues to be vital. When that craving hits, the restaurant appreciates that the food needs be available without fail. Grabbing dinner after school needs to happen easily because the day has already been long. The restaurant who can make it seamless will be the one that people return to time and again.

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With the Pizza Hut Lane, Pizza Hut proves no one out pizzas the Hut. With 1,500 restaurants on board, will one be arriving in your neighborhood?