National Queso Day: Cheesy ways to celebrate the food holiday

A popular appetizer is the black bean and queso dip with tortilla chips.Fl Lee Oneflightup5
A popular appetizer is the black bean and queso dip with tortilla chips.Fl Lee Oneflightup5 /

Looking to skip the salsa with those chips? National Queso Day is a tasty excuse to celebrate that cheesy, rich goodness. From being delicious with chips to a variety of other food options, people cannot not get enough of that queso. While that creamy, gooey dip might not be an authentic Mexican food, it is a popular choice at many restaurants. Maybe it is time to order a bowl and get to the bottom of this food conversation.

National Queso Day is celebrated on September 20. While National Today reports that queso originated in Chihuahua, Mexico, that version of the dip might not be the same as the one served at various restaurants. Whether the original version was “chili con queso” or something else, you don’t have to be a cheesehead to enjoy that bowl of creamy goodness.

While some people cannot resist queso, it isn’t the only type of cheesy Mexican inspired food. For example, queso fundido is another food that is slightly heartier. This griddled cheese might lessen the worry of spilling with those chips.

Tasty ways to celebrate National Queso Day

Since food holidays often come with special deals, some restaurants are making September 20 even cheesier. For example, Moe’s Southwest Grill is celebrating its 21st birthday by giving away queso.

According to the brand, 21 lucky winners will receive free queso for a year. Every purchase via the Moe’s app or online will give Moe Rewards members an opportunity to win. These lucky winners will be feeling cheesy all year long.

Tijuana Flats is joining the free queso offers. With any purchase of $2 or more, Tijuana Flats app users can get a free small queso. For specific ordering details, please refer to the brand’s app.

Einstein Bros Bagels has added queso to its menu. Whether guests order the new egg and bacon breakfast bagel or add some queso to any menu item, the golden goodness is changing the breakfast conversation. Shouldn’t the food holiday start with queso?

These cheesy food ideas are just a few ways to celebrate National Queso Day. Do you know of a great deal or freebie for the food holiday? Let FoodSided know where to get a little cheesy.