Duncan Hines EPIC Kits add two new flavors

Duncan Hines EPIC Kits, photo provided by Duncan Hines
Duncan Hines EPIC Kits, photo provided by Duncan Hines /

Even though kids might be counting the day to Halloween, the kitchen will soon be filled with enticing aromas. The iconic baking brand has added two new flavors to its Duncan Hines EPIC Kits and everyone will be whipping up some tasty treats. Can your oven handle all this deliciousness?

Many people salivate over scrumptious baked goods. Whether it is the celebrity baker with the most whimsical design to the favorite treats that grandma makes, that combination of flour, butter and sugar instantly brings smiles.

When Duncan Hines launches its EPIC Kits earlier this year, many home bakers jumped at the chance to create these special baked goods. From trending flavors to creative concepts, the kits helped turn the home baker into the next big baking star.

New Duncan Hines EPIC Kits launch this fall

Although many people are still enjoying their fill of pumpkin spice, the Duncan Hines new fall flavor is Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Kit. The kit includes “Chocolate chip cookie mix, caramel frosting and autumnal colorful leaf-shaped sprinkles.”

With all the items included in the kit, these cookies will become the star of any fall celebration. While it may not be a guarantee to boost your influencer following, everyone will enjoy the flavor of this fall dessert.

Following the Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Kit, Duncan Hines is looking ahead to the holidays. Starting in October, the new Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Kit might become the cookies for Santa’s big night.

The combination chocolate cookies, crème frosting and peppercorns candy cane sprinkles captures all the seasonal favorite flavors. Just remember to stay on the nice list by sharing those cookies with others. No one wants to be left with just crumbs on the cookie plate.

The Duncan Hines EPIC Kits are available at various retailers. The suggested retail price for these kits is $4.99.