Dia de los Muertos brings tradition to the store shelves

Dia de los Muertos Perrier Mystere Potion Blackberry, photo provided by Perrier
Dia de los Muertos Perrier Mystere Potion Blackberry, photo provided by Perrier /

While Hispanic heritage month looks to highlight culture and accomplishments, many food brands have taken the opportunity to transform their products with imagery of the Dia de los Muertos tradition. Although the packaging is visually captivating, the idea needs to be rooted in the connection to culture.

Earlier this month, Pop-Tarts unveiled its Dia de Muertos offering. While the chocolate churro flavor created a hunger for that first taste, the concept extended beyond the colorful design on the box and pastry.

Through its partnerships with the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures, Pop-Tarts provided grand to four Latinx arts organizations. As María López de León, President and CEO of NALAC said, “Día de Muertos is an indigenous practice of remembrance in communities across the Americas that many hold incredibly dear. This living tradition has inspired artists, communities and cultures for thousands of years.”

Even though some people might not fully appreciate the importance of the visual, it can spark a conversation long after that sweet treat is devoured. In some ways, that introductory taste is the most important part of this type of offering.

While Pop-Tarts offers the sweet side of the celebration, Perrier joined the conversation as well. Its limited edition Dia de Los Muertos can is both a visual and flavor celebration.

As seen on the cans, the visual borrows from the traditional sugar skulls associated with the holiday. Although marigolds are often the traditional flower of the celebration, Perrier incorporates the color associated with the limited edition flavor.

The special Mystere Potion Blackberry is a sweet yet tart offering from the iconic mineral water brand. While somewhat bold, the flavor entices drinkers to sit a spell and contemplate what the past, present and future holds.

The Perrier limited edition Dia de Los Muertos offering is available at Target.

While many people will be drawn to the visual and the flavor, there is more than refreshing effervescence waiting in those cans. Perrier is supporting the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and United Farm Workers. Both organizations are vital to the Latino community.

As more and more brands incorporate the visuals and concepts of Dia de los Muertos into their seasonal offerings, let them stand as a symbol as the influence of the Latino community on food and culture. The annual celebration is more than just a bounty of food left on the altar and a captivating image for others to appreciate. The influence of the Latino community is strong voice that is only growing.