Everything Bagel Seasoning continues to take over the food conversation

Thomas Everything Seasoning English Muffin, photo provided by Thomas'
Thomas Everything Seasoning English Muffin, photo provided by Thomas' /

For many people, an everything bagel with a schmear is their favorite food to start the day. The combination of poppy seeds, garlic, onion, salt and more is a cacophony of flavors. While there isn’t necessarily a “season” to that “everything” seasoning, it seems that those flavors are taking over store shelves. How many Everything Bagel Seasoning food choices are in your pantry?

Recently, a few food brands have announced new products that feature that craveable Everything Bagel Seasoning. For example, Thomas English Muffins just added that flavor to its iconic nooks and crannies.

This idea is interesting because it  can change the breakfast conversation. While that bagel is often the base of a breakfast sandwich, now home cooks have options. Sometimes an English muffin is a better choice.

That English muffin could be a better breakfast sandwich or it could be a whole new twist on other favorite food idea. Why not use that English muffin for a burger or a chicken sandwich. Just think of the flavor possibilities. It might be the start of another chicken sandwich war.

While Einstein Bros Bagel might have tempted guests with its new queso, it is giving everyone a chance to enjoy its Einstein Bros Bagel Everything Seasoning on anything and everything. Available at Sam’s Club, the shaker might get prime space in the spice rack.

One idea is to use this seasoning in macaroni cheese. It quickly transforms everyone’s favorite comfort food with just a shake.

Einstein Bros Bagel Everything Seasoning is sold in a 7.5 oz container for $3.98.

For people who just prefer to snack, Lays has transformed its Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. The Kettle Cooked Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor is a Sam’s Club exclusive. For anyone who likes a bagel chip but prefers potato chip crunch, these snacks are a must. Plus, the tanginess of the sour cream is delightful with flavors.

Since Lays used the Kettle Cooked chips, the flavor is bolder. Like any kettle cooked chip, the seasoning is more robust. A big bag of chips is just $3.49.

Are you a fan of Everything Bagel Seasoning? How many ways have you enjoyed this food flavor?