Jones Soda brings back Turkey and Gravy Soda to save holiday dinners

Jones Soda Turkey and Gravy Soda, photo provided by Jones Soda
Jones Soda Turkey and Gravy Soda, photo provided by Jones Soda /

While the countdown to the holidays might have started early, a favorite food returns to the table yet again. Jones Soda, known for its creative flavors, brings back its Turkey and Gravy Soda. Who said that there was a turkey shortage this holiday season?

For the first time in over a decade, the infamous Turkey and Gravy Soda is returning to store shelves. While Jones Soda is known for its unconventional flavors, this particular flavor was one that pushed the brand into its legendary status.

As part of the Special Release program, this flavor, as well as other new and retired flavors, have been made available. While these special beverages might not be an every day thirst quencher, they are meant to put the fun in food. After all, not every beverage is meant to be drunk with a pinky out.

According to Mark Murray, president and CEO of Jones Soda, “Our Turkey and Gravy Soda instantly differentiated the company when we introduced it nearly two decades ago, establishing the iconoclastic brand personality that remains our calling card today. It’s an ideal Special Release SKU because it’s a novelty seasonal flavor that raises brand visibility among longtime Jones fans and new customers alike.”

Even though this particular beverage might never take the place of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and sides, the reality is that the beverage has its place. Whether it is just there for visual laughs or people really do try to make a food and beverage pairing, the idea is to find the fun in those holiday moments.

Although people can tell the stories of holiday dinners gone bad (everyone has that Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story moment), the reality is that a back-up plan can be a good thing. Just think of the lasting memory of six bottles on the Thanksgiving table instead of plates and a turkey. Even if there is a turkey in the oven, the extra effort could take the pressure off the verbal assault of questions that come from Aunt Edna.

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The Jones Soda Turkey and Gravy Soda will have a 35,000 limited run. It will be available at 1,500 Kroger stores as well as other stores in both the U.S. and Canada.

Are you ready to toast to another memorable holiday season? What is your favorite Jones Soda flavor?