Why did McDonald’s change its logo?

(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images) /

Scrolling through social media, the new McDonald’s logo has a totally different look. While the color scheme might still have that red and yellow, the tell-tale “M” has been replaced by a gigantic “O.” And, a letter seems to be missing. Is this new look a glimpse at a secret menu item or is something else changing under those Golden Arches?

While the new McDonald’s logo has many people doing a double take, the reality is that the new look is the result of another TikTok trend. Recently, Emily Zugay, a TikTok influencer, has sparked a huge conversation on company logos. Her various redesigns have captivated both people and brand’s attention.

As seen on TikTok, Zugay is reported to have said, “I graduated college with a degree in design and I redesigned some popular logos I think we can all agree are ugly.” In various posts, Zugay offered her own take on Starbucks, Apple and more. After the viral response, some brands join the joke.

McDonald’s joined the fun and now Zugay’s logo is part of its social media images. Zugay’s reasoning for the new McDonald’s logo was because the “M” looked like knees and she thought that it was too suggestive.

Instead, she put the emphasis on the “O.” Her hopes is that maybe McDonald’s would add some onion rings to the menu. It is unclear if she purposely left out the “N” in McDonald’s or if it was just an oversight on her part.

Granted, this new McDonald’s logo is probably just a temporary item. Given the worldwide recognition of the logo, it seems unlikely that the brand is going through a huge re-branding.

Still, this fun does bring up a good point. Logos are vital to companies. Sometimes a logo is even more recognizable than a name. Just like a great aroma can instantly bring back memories, that image can make a stomach grumble, create a craving and a variety of other sentiments.

What do you think of the new McDonald’s logo? Do you think that this TikTok trend is something that will fade quickly?

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