Walmart’s Halloween cookie kits are spooky specatular

Walmart Halloween Cookie Kits, photo provided by Walmart
Walmart Halloween Cookie Kits, photo provided by Walmart /

While shoppers might be filling their carts with Halloween candy, Walmart’s Halloween cookie kits might be the sweetest and spookiest Halloween offering in the basket. Which one will be part of your family’s celebration?

As the autumn chill blows in the spooky season, Walmart is filling its aisles with sweet treats. From the gigantic containers of Halloween candy to the parade of Halloween costumes, the reality is that Walmart is the one stop shop for all those Halloween needs.

Although families want to have a bounty of treats for the spooky season, smart spending choices are always a priority. The Great Value line appreciates that sentiment and has stepped up, yet again, to deliver amazing products at the perfect price.

Walmart Halloween cookie kits from Great Value
Walmart Halloween cookie kits from Great Value, photo provided by Walmart /

Which Walmart Halloween cookie kits are a must buy?

Walmart has offered a huge selection of Halloween offerings this year. Included in the Great Value line are nine different baking kits. From brownies to cakes to cookies, it might be hard to choose a favorite.

While some of the sweet treats are returning favorites, like those ghost meringues, many people have been longing to make them again. What Walmart captures is the fun and the spooky. Although Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship might have gone to the darker side this year, these Walmart treats are more silly than spooky.

One of the top choices for families is the Jack O’Lantern Chocolate Cookie Kit. Even if these cookies don’t come out visually perfect, the flavor is the big winner. After all, can anyone other than a pumpkin expert really make the perfect Jack-o-lantern?

Another great choice is the Witches Cauldron, Brownie Kit. The bright colors will definitely be a hit with the younger crowd.

Overall, Walmart’s Halloween Cookie Kits are a spooky season must have. With the kits priced between $3.47 and $4.98, the cost will ensure that there are a few extra pennies left in the cauldron for some other Halloween treats.

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What is your favorite Halloween tradition? Do you bake from autumn through the holidays?