Best pancake mixes that stack up fluffy deliciousness

The Rose Hill Cafe is famous for their thick, fluffy plate-sized pancakes. This is the cinnamon swirl pancake, topped while warm with cream cheese icing.Rose Hill Cinnamon Pancake
The Rose Hill Cafe is famous for their thick, fluffy plate-sized pancakes. This is the cinnamon swirl pancake, topped while warm with cream cheese icing.Rose Hill Cinnamon Pancake /

From silver dollar to a short stack, the best pancake mixes can turn that regular flapjack into a bite of fluffy deliciousness. Warm up that maple syrup and grab a fork, because it is time to eat.

Whether it is big breakfast, that special brunch or just satisfying a craving, pancakes can bring smiles all around the table. Although some restaurants have iconic flavors, the reality is that pancakes from the home kitchen are quite satisfying. From making special shapes for the holidays or adding additional ingredients, the reality is that pancakes are ready to be stacked.

When it comes to pancake mixes, there are a plethora of options on the shelf. From the shake and pour to allergy sensitive choices, picking a box is more than choosing by the label. At the same time, many people stand by an old favorite or want a particular style. No matter the choice, some boxes stand out from the rest.

What are FoodSided’s recommendations for best pancake mixes?

Kodiak Cakes

With their tag line, snack adventurously, Kodiak Cakes uses whole grains to provide hearty nutrients to keep the energy going all day. One of the reasons why Kodiak Cakes is a great choice is because of the multiple ways to boost the nutritional aspect. With different ways to increase the protein levels, the pancakes can fit the plan for any day.

From creative flavors to allergen friendly options, there is a choice that checks every box. In addition to the classic buttermilk flavor that is always in the pantry, the lemon poppyseed flavor is a must try. Consider topping it with some mountain berry syrup for a great treat.

Bushwick Kitchen

While everyone knows Bushwick Kitchen for its flavorful honeys and creative syrups, the Bushwick Kitchen pancake mix offers all that rich flavor in a plant-based option. In some ways, people might not realize that it is a plant-based option because the flavor comes through in such bold ways.

One great option to try is to griddle the pancakes with a little of the Bushwick Kitchen syrup as they are finished cooking. It adds some crispy edges and there is no need for extra syrup on the table.

Birch Benders

Sometimes simplicity needs to be celebrated and Birch Benders makes simple pancakes that taste delicious. Believing that great food brings people together around the table, Birch Benders found a way to bring those flavors that people love at restaurants to the home kitchen. Blending convenience and great taste, these Birch Benders pancake mixes are a win all around.

While the Birch Benders line includes traditional mixes, paleo and keto, the brand excels with its seasonal flavors. For the fall, the pumpkin spice flavor is a must have. With all the warm spices, it is a forkful of comfort food that needs to be enjoyed all season long.


For New Yorkers, Bubby’s is a breakfast institution. Located in Tribeca, the James Beard-inspired sour cream pancakes have been considered the best pancakes for over three decades.

Now, Bubby’s iconic pancakes have been transformed into a new pancake mix that everyone can enjoy in their own kitchen. Available in stores and online, this pancake mix is a must try. Just don’t tell your secret to everyone.

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These best pancake mixers are just a small sampling of the many, many options on the shelf. Do you know of a great pancake mix that FoodSided needs to try?