Starbucks is brewing free coffee for its 50th anniversary

Starbucks National Coffee Day promo, photo provided by Starbucks
Starbucks National Coffee Day promo, photo provided by Starbucks /

For many Starbucks coffee fans, every day feels like National Coffee Day. As the company marks its 50th anniversary, the brand is giving a gift to all its fans. On National Coffee Day, September 29, free coffee is brewing at Starbucks. Ready to fill up your own mug?

From that sweet Frappuccino to that seasonal pumpkin spice latte, Starbucks is part of many people’s coffee routine. Whether it is part of the morning ritual, afternoon pick me up or a special treat, those beloved beverages have become a brand icon.

As Starbucks celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is an opportunity for the brand to give back. While the company has looked to bring various initiatives to the table, this National Coffee Day promotion is both a celebration for coffee fans but also for company itself. In some ways, it is time for Starbucks to go back to its roots.

On September 29, National Coffee Day, guests who bring a clean, empty, reusable cup to participating locations can receive a free cup of Pike Place Roast brewed coffee. The cup can be up to 20 oz large.

This gesture is intended to show that Starbucks is grateful for customers and their loyalty to the company. If it wasn’t for the customers who first fell in love with that Pike Place Roast, the company would not be such an icon that it is today.

The offer is available at participating locations, during regular business hours. It can be redeemed once per customer.

At Starbucks Reserve locations, the free coffee offer can be redeemed for a Reserve coffee or a cold brew. The cup parameters apply to this location, as well.

Lastly, enjoying a Starbucks coffee isn’t always limited to stepping into the store. For some, those morning mantras start in the home kitchen. As part of the 50th anniversary, Starbucks is offering a free Pike Place Roast packaged coffee.

According to the brand, on September 29, guests can claim their free Pike Place Roast packaged coffee by visiting, Starbucks At Home website The offer is available while supplies last.

Whether Starbucks starts the day, ends the day or is the beverage of choice all day long, the 50th anniversary is a moment to raise the mug in celebration. Grab some free coffee with the roast that started it all and take a moment to savor the flavor that always delivers the perfect perk in every brew.