Starbucks Morning Mantras start the day on an uplifting note

Starbucks Morning Mantras, photo provided by Starbucks
Starbucks Morning Mantras, photo provided by Starbucks /

While many people need that caffeine boost to start the day, the Starbucks Morning Mantras take the morning ritual in an uplifting direction. With a word of positivity, the rest of the day can be filled with a purpose. Yes, a few moments can set the day toward mindfulness.

Beyond the conversations about pumpkin cold brew and apple crisp macchiatos, Starbucks is more than seasonal beverages and colorful blended drinks. While it seems that every moment is captured for social media posterity, the reality is that coffee ritual needs to be more than just getting someone to double tap.

The Starbucks Morning Mantras are a collaboration with artist and poet Morgan Harper Nichols. Through the Instagram Effects library, users can reveal new inspiration mantras from Harper Nichols. 10 unique mantras can be discovered through this special experience.

Those little sayings over that cup of coffee might be simple but they have profound meaning. Encouraging people to take a moment to find the positive is always a good choice.

What coffee should be sipped while pondering the Starbucks Morning Mantras?

Finding that perfect beverage to sip and savor as those uplifting words fill the mind could be right at everyone’s fingertips. Using the Nespresso Vertuo Machines, Starbucks has seven varieties available, and it is the only other brand besides Nespresso that is compatible with the coffee machine.

Looking at the various offerings, the coffee flavors fill the entire flavor spectrum. From the classic Pike Place to the lighter Blonde, there is a flavor that can start any day on the right note. Whether it is day that needs a mellow approach to another option that is bold and brash, it might be nice to pair the morning mantra with a particular coffee. It could become the new way to evolve the coffee ritual.

Even more importantly, the various coffee offerings could entice drinkers to explore a different flavor. From nutty and toasted to earthy and herbal, the coffees can pair with any occasion and a variety of food options. It might be time to upgrade that plain cup of joe.

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Whether you enjoy a Nespresso, a latte or another beverage in that coffee mug, take a moment to ponder the Starbucks Morning Mantras. Setting the intention for the day is always a sip to savor.