Nutella & GO! Multigrain brings more choices to convenient snacking

Nutella & GO! Multigrain, photo provided by Nutella
Nutella & GO! Multigrain, photo provided by Nutella /

From after school snacks to a quick morning bite, Nutella & GO! Multigrain joins the pretzels and breadsticks options. With more choices on the shelf, there is always a reason to grab some Nutella and go.

Convenient snacking has become a priority for many people. While the pantry might be lined with options, the choices that can fit in a backpack or purse are often grabbed first. Sometimes simplicity is the best answer.

At the same time, consumers tend to gravitate to favorite and familiar products. For example, families who love to spread Nutella on waffles will look to find more ways to enjoy that chocolate hazelnut spread. As Todd Midura, Vice President, Marketing Nutella North America at Ferrero said, “As the leading driver of growth in the spreads category, it’s important to bring consumers new and exciting ways to enjoy Nutella.”

The expansion of the options of Nutella & GO! is a blend of those two sentiments. Consumers are drawn to Nutella but they want variety. This new offering provides that choice. According to Midura, “Nutella & GO! has become a special part of so many family routines since launching in 2012, and we are thrilled to introduce a new twist on this favorite.”

Thinking about this new Nutella & GO! flavor, it can be more than just another convenient snack. The flavor lends itself to some creativity.

For example, parents are often looking for ways to encourage kids to eat more fruit. Nutella and fruit is always a tasty combination. Why not use the multigrain sticks as a skewer for some blueberries or even raspberries. Basically, a variety of fruits would work.

In some ways, the Nutella & GO! Gives everyone permission to play with their food. Everyone is in control of how they enjoy this convenient snack.

Nutella & GO! Multigrain is available at various retailers both in stores and online.

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