Which state has refused to join Team Candy Corn this Halloween?

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While many people countdown the days to trick or treating, one Halloween candy can cause fear leading up to the festivities. To say that candy corn is a polarizing candy could be like saying that Camp Crystal Lake might be an underrated summer getaway. Even though Team Candy Corn is growing its group of fans, one state is refusing to see the sweetness in that candy.

Recently, Brach’s, the number one producer of candy corn, surveyed which states loved and disliked candy corn. While California cannot get enough of the classic candy, it seems that Wisconsin is not convinced that candy corn is a Halloween candy staple.

Are you Team Candy Corn this Halloween?

According to Ferrera, the long history of candy corn still hasn’t changed people’s love it or hate it perception. Even though various options line store shelves, the reality is that this Halloween candy has more than sweetness in the bowl.

As Mariah Havens, Director of Seasonal Marketing at Ferrara said, “that candy corn is one of the most divisive seasonal treats and there are some people who don’t enjoy it. We want everyone to be on Team Candy Corn, which is why we introduced incredible, unexpected alternatives this year, including NERDS Candy Corn and BRACH’S Minions Candy Corn. Now, there’s a candy corn for everyone.”

Could these offerings make you Team Candy Corn?

While many people think of candy corn as the tri-colored treat, Ferrera is looking to redefine that Halloween candy. Although the classic options will always be on the shelf, the new choices look to revitalize the classic candy.

For example, NERDS candy corn brings that tangy, fruity flavor to the bag. Featuring a candy coated shell that covered a soft, chewy center, many people will find that this option is not the typical candy corn.

Whether people eat one at a time or grab a handful, both the flavors and the textures excite people. It is crunchy, chewy and quite tasty. This candy corn option might not be tri-colored, but it is bursting with multiple flavors.

For a whimsical option, the Brach’s Minions candy corn is a must try. Since minions love their bananas, that flavor is incorporated into this treat. The candy combines banana, blue raspberry and vanilla. While Gru might not have created this flavor combination, it is a fun Halloween candy choice.

These new Halloween candy options join other Brach’s candy corn choices. From those pumpkin shapes to the classic candy corn, there is always an option to satisfy that craving.

Even if Wisconsin doesn’t want to join Team Candy Corn, many other people proudly cheer their support of this iconic candy. Maybe this year Ferrera has found a treat that will delight a whole new group of fans.

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