Reinvented candy corn flavors could make you love the Halloween candy

Ferrera Halloween candies, photo provided by Ferrera
Ferrera Halloween candies, photo provided by Ferrera /

These candy corn flavors might make you fall for the classic Halloween candy.

This year, these reinvented candy corn flavors are not the spooky Halloween candy that you remember. Ferrara, the number one producer of candy corn, has both spooky and sweet candy flavors that will change what you think about the classic Halloween candy. Do you dare open a bag?

For many people candy corn can produce a very definite opinion. While some people will happily eat bowlfuls of the treat, others might choose another Halloween candy. Now, Ferrera and its brands have found new and exciting flavors to reinvent candy corn. Maybe it is time to take the spooky out of the sweet candy.

This Halloween season, BRACH’S Classic Candy Corn has received both a flavor and a shape upgrade. Whether you enjoy a bag on its own or incorporate these Halloween candies into some desserts, there are many reasons to buy another bag.

Looking at a new flavor option, the BRACH’S Mellowcreme Caramel Apples bring that classic fall flavor without the sticky fingers. The apple shaped candy corn has a soft caramel flavor. That flavor is matched with either a sweet red apple or a tangy green apple. It can be hard to pick only one flavor as a favorite.

If you prefer a spooky look to your Halloween candy, the BRACH’S Skull & Bones candy is a great option. The dark chocolate sea salt skulls and caramel bones mixed with sweet banana are combined with traditional candy corn pieces. Try each piece individually and various combined flavors. While it might not seem like a traditional Halloween candy flavor, the caramel and banana hits all the right notes.

For the sour candy fans, the BRACH’S Sour Haunted Tropics Candy Corn offers six tropical flavors that have been given a slightly tangy twist. From mango to pineapple and kiwi to tropical punch, these flavors offer a little pucker with the sweet.

And, if you really want to push the flavor boundaries, don’t miss the chance to enjoy BRACH’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn. Without ever turning on the oven, this candy corn offers a full-course Thanksgiving meal. Could it be better than last year’s Pringles dinner?

In addition to BRACH’S candy corn offerings, Trolli has a Sour Brite Candy Corn. The Weirdly Awesome candy brings the boldest flavors to the traditional Halloween candy.

Even though Halloween might look different this year, it doesn’t mean that the sweet celebration is totally canceled. Find new and innovative ways to enjoy the moment. And, just maybe a new appreciation for some reinvented candy corn flavors.

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