Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner is back and we couldn’t be more excited


Why spend hours cooking turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie when there is Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner? Yes, your holiday dinner just got easier.

Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner is back and Thanksgiving dinner just got simplified. Instead of standing over a stove for hours, Pringles delivers all these favorite holiday flavors in the convenience of a crisp. Who said that a Thanksgiving feast is difficult?

Over the years, Pringles fans have found ways to create new and innovative flavors with their favorite crisps. Flavor stacking has created combinations. With three different Pringle crisps, fans have created a myriad of flavor options.

Building on the three flavor stacking, Pringles launched just three Thanksgiving flavors. Last year, some lucky people got to try the eight limited edition flavors. This year, more people should be able to try the three special flavors.

limited edition Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner, photo provided by Pringles

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In this offering, Pringles released turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavors. Available in mini-cans, these little tasty goodness could be the perfect hostess gift for your friendsgiving. Plus, if the turkey goes awry, you can still have the flavor of turkey on the holiday.

Looking at the three flavors, the stuffing flavor seems the most approachable. A herb-forward crisp seems pretty normal. If you are only going to go with one flavor, this option would be the most likely option.

The one flavor that is a little confusing would be the pumpkin pie. While sweet and salty can be a terrific combination, this flavor takes sweet and spice to a different level. I wonder if there is way to find a creative use for the crisp. For example, could you fold some crisps into vanilla ice cream?

The Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner crisps will be available on November 6 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The 3-pack retails for $14.99 and can be purchased at If you want to have these limited edition flavors, act fast. There is a limited supply.

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Are you going to be stalking the website to order these Thanksgiving treats? Or, will you wait for the real turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day?