Butterball upgrades the Thanksgiving feast with new brined turkey recipes

While the Turkey Talk Line is always ready to answer all those poultry questions, Butterball is encouraging home cooks to take the flavor up a notch for this Thanksgiving feast. With these new brined turkey recipes, the bold flavors will have everyone cheering around the table.

As the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast, the turkey needs to deliver big flavor. Although grandma might have her traditional roast and others tout the benefits of an air fry turkey, the reality is that many home cooks are looking to try something new this year. After honing their cooking skills, it is time to put big, bold flavor on the table.

Brining is basically submerging a protein in a combination of salt and water. Additional flavors can be added to the mix. The idea is to impart additional moisture into the protein to ensure that the food is flavorful and tender when it is served.

While brining usually includes liquid, dry brining is more like curing a protein. The dry mixture covers the protein. The purpose is similar to submerging a protein in liquid. The idea is that the seasoning will impart flavor as well keep the protein tender.

 brined turkey recipes

Butterball Thanksgiving recipes, Pickle Brined Turkey photo provided by Butterball

What new brined turkey recipes does Butterball recommend?

For this holiday season, Butterball has shared two new brined turkey recipes. While both recipes are relatively simple, they embrace current food trends. For anyone who loves those Southern style chicken sandwiches, these recipes might need to be part of the Thanksgiving celebration.

The one recipe that will have everyone talking is the Pickle Brined Turkey. The dill pickle brine is not just for pickle lovers. Everyone knows that pickle is one of the secret ingredients that makes those chicken sandwiches so tasty.

This made-from-scratch quick pickle adds a brightness to the turkey while keeping the bird juicy. Even if you don’t pile on the pickles on a sandwich, the pickle flavor is mild. It is like that hint of umami that keeps people going back for more.

And, to be clear, this recipe uses pickling spices, not pickle juice. No one has to purchase tons of pickles to make this recipe.

For a dry brined option, the Spicy Dry Brined Turkey brings bold flavors to the mix. Using chipotle chili powered and smoked paprika, this recipe brings an approachable heat.

The use of chipotle chili powders brings an element of smokiness. Without having to put the turkey on that Big Green Egg, this recipe adds layers of flavor through the spices. Plus, the crust from the dry brine is a bonus treat on every slice.

These two recipes are just a small selection of the many Butterball recipes available. Plus, the Butterball Turkey Talk Line is open to answer all those burning questions. Don’t worry, they have heard it all on those calls. No question is too embarrassing.


What is your favorite turkey recipe? Are you planning a huge Thanksgiving feast this year?