Don’t be frightened by these spicy food challenges

Paqui One Chip Challenge, photo by Cristine Struble
Paqui One Chip Challenge, photo by Cristine Struble /

Sometimes the plate can hold a few spooky ingredients, but these spicy food challenges shouldn’t have foodies run for cover. While some people love the bold spices and others need a glass of milk at the ready, the reality is that a little fiery fun can make food exciting. Are you ready to tame the heat?

Food trends take on all forms. As global flavors influence many classic dishes, the reality is that bland and boring is taking a back seat. Today’s food lover wants to be excited with flavor.

Even though some people might want to tap out when the peppers hit the table, sometimes a little spice is a good thing. Although astronauts might long for spicy peppers to help fight congestion in zero gravity, the reality is a little burn can be a good thing. Some people enjoy the flavor thrill.

Which spicy food challenges are too tempting to resist?

One of the biggest brands in the spicy food challenges world is the Paqui One Chip Challenge. For people who are prepared to embrace the darkness of the spicy side, this one chip is extreme. It might need to be handled with gloves and it is far more perilous than rubbing your eyes after cutting jalapenos.

Made with the Carolina Reaper and the Scorpion Pepper, this chip comes with the tag line, “it will destroy you.” While your digestive tract might not be happy the next day, it is a fun food game to play. Since it is just one chip, the pain is over quickly. It isn’t like a chicken wing challenge on Man vs Food.

If the One Chip Challenge isn’t enough, 7-Eleven has joined forces with Paqui on a bigger, bolder food challenge, the One Slice Challenge. This idea brings a version of Paqui chips to a pizza slice. It seems innocent enough, but it could bring tears to your eyes.

According to 7-Eleven, the spicy challenge is simple enough. Buy a slice of pizza, 7-Eleven recommends a meat pizza. But, anyone who is spicy adverse should ask for extra cheese. Remember dairy puts of the fiery food flames.

Then, top the pizza slice with some of the Paqui chips. The chips can be placed, crushed or any preferred method for topping the slice.

Next, add some 11-Pepper Sauce. This 7-Eleven sauce features eleven different peppers. It should bring a little color to your face.

Lastly, wash it down with some Liquid Death. Although, water might not make that heat go away quickly. It might be better to grab some milk at check out.

Is there a sweet, spicy food challenge?

While spicy foods normally take a savory note, there is a sweet spicy food challenge, too. Jelly Belly has Fiery Five Bean Boozled challenge. Although there may not be a “non-spicy” candy in the mix, this idea proves that sometimes sugar cannot tame the flames. These jelly beans may not be Easter Bunny approved.

There are many spicy food challenges all around. From various restaurant menus to TikTok challenges, many people try to prove their “palates” with these food dares. Although there can be some impact from eating the non-traditional foods, it is about having fun. In the end, food should bring smiles, even if it is smiling through the pain.

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