Shake Shack offers a taste of the Caribbean with the JJ Johnson Now Serving collab

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Move over Shake Sauce because the Chef JJ Johnson Now Serving collaboration brings big, bold flavors to Shake Shack for one day only. As the next installment of the special charity menu offering, this burger and fries combination will have everyone enjoying a taste of the islands.

Over the past several months, Shake Shack has used its Now Serving promotion to not only highlight celebrated chefs but also to raise funds and awareness for various charities. These one-day only events have many people not only lining up to get a taste of the special food items but also to support a worthy cause. From Junghyun Park’s Atoburger Shrimp Burger to Dominque Crenn’s Grilled Cheese, these events spark culinary curiosity all around.

As Mark Rosati, Culinary Director of Shake Shack, said, “We are excited and honored to be working alongside Chef JJ Johnson who has made a huge impact on our New York community throughout the pandemic. This menu, dreamt up by JJ, infuses his unique cooking style and vision into the world of Shake Shack. The Little J’s Burger and Curry Crunch Fries combine our classic roadside menu with JJ’s take on global flavors and techniques.”

What is on the JJ Johnson Now Serving Shake Shack Menu?

According to the brand, the special menu features the Little J’s Burger and Curry Crunch Fries. Looking at the burger, it is a gruyere cheeseburger that features braised bacon. The flavor should be luscious and quite satisfying. While the lettuce and tomato help to cut some of the richness, this burger is not for the faint of heart.

The more interesting offering is the Curry Crunch Fries. While the classic crispy crinkle cut Shake Shack fries are always a stand out, this special offering features Chef Johnson’s signature curry crunch. For anyone who appreciates Chef Johnson’s signature combination of flare and fun, that curry flavor will be one that makes people want to explore more of this signature dishes and flavors.

While this special one-day offering is part of the Now Serving menu promotion, it does beg the question, could Shake Shack add a curry forward dish to its menu? To have curry fries permanently would have the restaurant brand stand out in a crowd.

Who does the JJ Johnson Now Serving Shake Shack Menu benefit?

According to the company press release, the special one day event on October 28 will benefit Rethink Food. This non-profit organization describes it mission as the quest “to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.”

As JJ Johnson, Chef and Founder of FIELDTRIP, said, “Shake Shack is all about the community and what better place to collaborate than with the Harlem Shake Shack, in the place I call home.” Through this partnership, the desire is to both support and inform guests about important views and values that can make a difference in a community.

The special Now Serving menu will be available on October 28 only. It can be purchased exclusively at the Harlem Shake Shack, 1 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027. The Little J’s Burger has a price of $8.49 and the Curry Crunch Fries are $3.99. The food items are available in the restaurant and via delivery, while supplies last.

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What other chefs would you like to see Shake Shack have join the Now Serving events? Do you think that other restaurants would benefit from similar collaborations?