Tasty sandwich facts to chew on for National Sandwich Day

(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for New York Magazine)
(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for New York Magazine) /

Although the sandwich definition might need an update, these tasty sandwich facts could spark creative conversation around the table on National Sandwich Day. From favorite breads to the ultimate condiment choice, these food facts may not earn you top prize on Jeopardy but it might stump your dining companion.

Recently, French’s Mustard surveyed 2,000 Americans on a favorite food, the sandwich. Although opinions vary on that bread and filling bite, the reality is that everyone has probably had at least one sandwich in their life. And, most people can distinguish a good sandwich from one that needs to return to the lunch box.

According to Jill Pratt Chief Marketing Excellence Officer at McCormick. “There is no more perfect lunch or dinner than a satisfying sandwich. Focusing on small changes to make better choices feels achievable and something as simple as selecting more veggie toppings along with flavorful condiments that don’t add fat or calories, like French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, allows them to be very serious about both health and indulgence.”

While French’s Mustard is a big proponent of mustard on sandwiches not everyone has to be Team Yellow. There might be a few mayonnaise fans in the crowd or even those plain janes have their day to shine. Still, a few results might have people wondering, what food thought sparked that idea.

5 unusual sandwich facts to ponder for National Sandwich Day

“66% of those surveyed will put between three and six or more different condiments on their sandwiches at once”

Although many people hate a dry sandwich, the idea of all those condiments in one bite can lead to flavor confusion. Hopefully for the people who master the condiment combination, the flavors are enjoyable, and it isn’t just to hide some bad meat.

“44% said that having the right bun or bread is what produces the best quality sandwich”

Putting aside that classic “where’s the beef” commercial, the bread to filling ratio is the key to a great sandwich. If someone wanted a bunch of bread, they can have that option in a bread basket. The opposite is true as well. No one wants to have too much meat and/or cheese. The right ratio is as important as the right flavors.

“The majority (44%) of respondents believe that condiments belong not just on the top bun or bottom bun, but on both.”

The great condiment debate rages again. No one likes a soggy bun but even worst is the lack of condiments in a bite. It is utter food disappointment.

This concept of condiments on top and bottom needs to be done with care. Too much slathering can make for an overwhelming flavor and bite. Still, the reality is that with condiments sometimes more is better.

“62% of people they are loyal to one restaurant or deli specifically because they make the best sandwiches”

While New York delis might have an edge in the conversation, the reality is that people prefer certain sandwiches. As anyone knows in the quick service restaurant space, the bread, meats and flavors are not the same. People who love that sub do not want that pita bread. Just like one burger reigns supreme over another, there is only one sandwich king in the house.

“Almost one-third of respondents said that the inclusion of olives will ruin the entire sandwich for them”

Although olives can be the briny snack that many people love, it appears that this flavor could be too overwhelming on a sandwich. Hopefully, it is nothing to do with the color.

In addition, millennials say that banana peppers ruin a sandwich. Although that food is a less common ingredient, it makes people wonder what sandwich shops use a lot of banana peppers.

These tasty sandwich facts are just a few of the many findings from French’s Mustard survey. Whether it is National Sandwich Day or just a Wednesday, give that bread and protein combination a second or even third thought. You might not have to recite the litany of English monarchs that contributed to that food history, but you could be grateful for the many sandwich artists who master the food on your plate.

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What is your favorite sandwich? Did these sandwich facts change you opinion about the classic food?