Having a second slow cooker is a holiday entertaining must

Do you have a second slow cooker? While many home cooks appreciate the simplicity of classic kitchen essential, the reality is that having more than one slow cooker in the cabinet could save holiday entertaining. It is time to put it on the holiday shopping list.

While many people sing the praises of a multi-cooker, the reality is that that “instant” cooking can be a little less instant. In some ways, that pressure of cooking quickly is accompanied by a lot of prep work.

For home cooks who want a little more of the “set it and forget it” mentality, a slow cooker is an easier way of putting dinner on the table. Whether it is a hearty chili, a slow simmering stew or another favorite recipe, the versatility of the slow cooker is great.

Even though there are many brands lining the shelves, Hamilton Beach has been a leader in the slow cooker space. That Good Thinking mentality is woven into everything that the brand does. Over 100 years of small appliance experience, Hamilton Beach is a brand that many people trust.

In many households, a slow cooker has been a kitchen essential. While it might not come out during the summer months, it can be a workhorse in the cooler months. From the busy parent who wants dinner waiting as the family rushes home to the enticing aroma building all day long, the reality is that there are many reasons to put that small appliance to work.

Over the years, the Hamilton Beach slow cookers have evolved. Beyond the various quart sizes, the company has added technical aspects like programming, temperature controls and even air frying capabilities.

Although that classic Hamilton Beach slow cooker might be working fine, the holiday season could be the perfect time to add another one to the shelf. From wanting the new technology to a different size, there are plenty of reasons to add another kitchen essential to the mix.

Given that the Hamilton Beach slow cooker line has a wide range of options, it is easy to have a second slow cooker for under $30. Instead of buying another cutting board for serving, that small appliance has a little more versatility.

More importantly, having a second slow cooker to the mix can be a holiday entertaining savior. From keeping food warm to another serving space, there are a plethora of uses.

And, if you don’t want a candle burning during a holiday gather, that slow cooker can create a welcoming ambiance. Why not turn the slow cooker into a simmer pot. Fill it with warm spices and some water. From cinnamon and cloves to orange peel and cranberries, the options are many. Plus, it is easy to add a little extra water to keep the aroma going with less worry about someone mistakenly starting a fire.

This holiday season, put a second slow cooker on the wish list. Or, buy it for yourself during all those holiday shopping sales. It might be the most useful item unwrapped this season.