Wilton modernized the gingerbread house in the most perfect way

Wilton Holiday gingerbread house offerings, photo provided by Wilton
Wilton Holiday gingerbread house offerings, photo provided by Wilton /

The Wilton gingerbread house is a holiday staple in many people’s celebrations. While the professional bakers’ gingerbread structures are a sight to behold, many families prefer to have a little more help with those four walls and a roof. Sometimes the cherished holiday memories are about the conversations around the table during the assembly. That taste of joy is the sweetest part of the holiday season.

Wilton has been a home baker’s favorite brand. From the baking tools to the colorful décor, the iconic brand brings bakers’ imagination to life. Both the perfect sugar flowers and the elegant designs are a little sweet inspiration with just a click away.

For the holiday season, Wilton offers a plethora of ideas. While the experienced baker might want to knead, cut and baker her way to the most perfect gingerbread house, some families might prefer to take a few simple steps to get some impressive results.

Which Wilton gingerbread house matches your holiday personality?

For many people, the gingerbread house is a holiday tradition. While more candy is often eaten versus used for decorating, the assembling is the entertainment. Although some people cannot wait to be the first person to break off a piece to eat, others prefer to use that holiday sweet treat as a table décor. No matter the choice, the season is not complete without the gingerbread house experience.

Even though some people might prefer the simple approach, many of the Wilton gingerbread house kits have a modern approach. Beyond the themed options, like Disney, Mario Bros and a selection of others, a few of the newer designs prove that the gingerbread house can be spark to bring a new approach to all the holiday desserts.

For example, the Sugar Coated Gingerbread House Kit, a Walmart exclusive, adds a shimmering touch to the holiday celebration. By using icing and sanding sugar, the house looks like it has been dusted in ice.

While the instructions guide the experience, the look can be customized, too. Consider how the sanding sugar is placed on the icing. From making patterns to a more creative design, it can be fun to see how everyone takes a different approach to same kit.

The Wilton Ready to Build Sugar Coated Gingerbread House is a Walmart exclusive. It has suggested retail price of $6.98.

If a bolder statement is preferred on the table, the Bright Gingerbread House Kit transforms the traditional design with vibrant colors. As many people show in their homes, the old school colors aren’t the only way to celebrate the season. Whatever brings smiles is the most important part of the holiday season.

The Wilton Ready to Build Bright Gingerbread House Kit can be found at Walmart, Joann and Wilton.com. It has a suggested retail price of $10.99.

Wilton Holiday Igloo Sugar Cookie Kit
Wilton Holiday Igloo Sugar Cookie Kit, photo provided by Wilton /

A house doesn’t always have to look the same. Why not take some inspiration from the snow covered north with the Winter Igloo Cookie Kit. For people who prefer to skip the gingerbread during the holidays, this option is perfect for them.

The little igloo looks just like a scene from those classic holiday movies. With a little polar bear decoration, it might be the winter-scape that many people long to see again.

And, this idea could inspire some other holiday cookies. Why not make some sugar cookies in reindeer shapes, dogs or other winter animals. This cookie kit could inspire a whole winter wonderland.

The Wilton Ready to Build Winter Igloo Cookie Kit is available at Walmart, Joann, Kroger, Meijer and Wilton.com. It has a suggested retail price of $8.99.

This holiday season the Wilton gingerbread house is both as you remember and has new modern looks, too. No matter which why you decorate it, the sweet holiday tradition cannot be forgotten.

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