Reese’s University welcomes its first class of Fighting Cuppies

Reese's University, photo provided by Reese's
Reese's University, photo provided by Reese's /

While picking the right college might seem difficult, Reese’s University might be the sweetest choice. From the tempting classes to the limitless possibilities, now is the perfect time to join the entering class of Fighting Cuppies. No, you will not be sorry for applying and accepting this offer.

During the fall, many students long to open that highly anticipated acceptable letter. From perfecting that college essay to the years of hard work, all the effort comes down to a one page letter.

While parents might long for their children to join their alma mater or hope to brag about the pinnacle of higher education that accepted their offspring, the reality is that the student must choose what is right for them. Finding the right fit is the key to college success.

Could you be a Fighting Cuppy for life at Reese’s University?

Many people pick a university not just for its rigorous course schedule or how it can lead to success in the workplace. Often it is about the community. Surrounding yourself with people with a common mindset, likes or just people who want to have fun is key to making the school experience a memorable one.

With Reese’s University, the administration is all about finding people who capture that Fight Cuppy spirit. Although the admissions office might be not be quite as picky about the wording in that application essay, a love of all things Reese’s is required.

From appreciating the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate to knowing the most popular Reese’s shapes, all of this sweet knowledge will set one application apart from the masses. Since the university is seeking students with the most ambitious appetites and discerning tastes, a strong foundation in the 100-year history of the candy brand is important.

Even if you aren’t sorry that you love the Christmas tree shapes better than the Easter eggs, Reese’s University is willing to accept a wide variety of students. From the ones who prefer to wear their love of Reese’s on their sleeve to others who are more subtle with their chocolate and peanut butter expression, there is room for everyone at the table.

If your application is ready to be sent, head to the Reese’s University website for more information. The Class of 2022 Fight Cuppy-hopefuls is waiting for you to join. If you don’t apply, you might miss out and Reese’s fans know that they should never be sorry.