Universal Orlando 2021 Holiday Tribute Store brings a little nutty to the season

Have you been to the Universal Orlando 2021 Holiday Tribute Store? While the holiday music plays, and the decorations bring the holiday cheer, the current version of the Tribute Store is a winter wonderland to behold. Although the Grinch might have his own holiday preferences, some people might even more captivated by Earl the Squirrel and his story.

Similar to previous years, the 2021 Holiday Tribute Store offers a variety of holiday themed merchandise. From the Grinch to the Wizarding World, all the favorite Universal characters have holiday items. Anyone who wants to bring a taste of the holidays home, this store has all the options.

Although most guests know the famous characters featured in the Tribute Store, the legend of Earl the Squirrel might not be quite as familiar. While the adorable cartoon squirrel has reappeared yet again this year, some people might want to know a little more about his Christmas tree farm.

While these stories might not be told in other classic holiday tales, there is a touch of humor strung in those Christmas tree lights. Since Universal Orlando is always known for that mischief in the merry, the cheeky backstory with this character might be like that churro stand that took shape over in Islands of Adventure.

Earl the Squirrel has a touch of legend hiding in his Christmas tree lot. From one story about an errant squirrel who made a home in Universal’s holiday decorations to a squirrel who unfortunately chewed through some holiday lights and caused an outage, that squirrel was quite mischievous.

Now, Earl is serving up a variety of holiday treats at the Tribute Store. Of course, there are plenty of warm nuts to be enjoyed. And, Earl is even offering a deal, buy three packages and get one free.

While the warm nuts are quite tempting, they aren’t the only treats available to enjoy. From candy applies to cakes to so many options, it can be hard to pick just one. Luckily, the 2021 Holiday Tribute Store is open all holiday season.

From a stop in the morning to a treat while leaving the park after watching the Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s Balloons, the Universal Orlando 2021 Holiday Tribute Store is a must visit.